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Daughter, 14, NHS nose worker "scrounger" wants $ 30,000 cut, including Brazilian Butt Lift, for fame after her mother said "ugly people can't get anywhere"

Carla Bellucci cheated on depression to get a free nose job - now her teenage daughter Tanisha is planning cosmetic treatments.

A 14-year-old daughter of Carla Bellucci of Brazen, who depressed to get £ 7,000 of nose care for free on the NHS, says she will't anticipate to obtain £ 30,000 of beauty assist to satisfy her dream of turning into famous.

The mother of three, Carla, 37, who lives in a three-bedroom home in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, sank when she admitted she needed her "non-academic" daughter Tanisha to have surgical procedure "like ugly people can't get anywhere".


Carla Bellucci Depressed To Get Nose Job – Now Teenage Daughter Tanisha Plans For Cosmetic LoansCredit: Jamie Lorriman

But young Tanisha has gone into her mother's defense calling her a "hustler" who " please drive me in the direction of it. ”[19659002] Talking solely to Fabulous Digital, Tanisha said: I hate faculty. Mom admits that forcing me to take exams and research topics that I hate as comrades or science solely makes me miserable. As an alternative, she helps me give attention to what I need to do and what works for me. “

Carla has set up a surgery fund for future remedies in Tanisha and is depositing £ 100 a month into the account as an alternative of giving pocket cash. Thus far he has saved £ 1500.

Carla, who can also be the mother of the boys Jermaine, 16, and Jayden, 12, firmly believes that Tanisha “needs to belief her look with a view to reside, so she have to be good. "

   Tanisha has defended his mother calling him


Tanisha has defended his mother calling him & # 39; cheater & # 39 ;, which only & # 39; to determine, for which I’m good, and run in the direction of me & # 39 ; credit score: Carla Bellucci

   Carla worked at the NHS in nose job in February after taking mental health problems


Carla had nose job within the NHS in February after mental well being issues worsened Credit: 19459 Carla Bellucci that he’s a controversial Brazilian kickback – a dangerous measure, the mortality fee is among the 3000 copies – hammasviilut and D-

Tanisha said, "I'm going to get a Brazilian Butt Raise's once I'm 16 years previous, we at present are talking in clinics right here and overseas, that make the surgery at that age, with the consent of my mother.

"I’m positive that many people wander round, however we youngsters know prob rope about plastic surgery greater than our mother and father. I'm going to get a Brazilian Butt Raise at the age of 16 – I might love my mother and I might have one.


“I really like Cardi B, Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian, all of them have unimaginable curves and sterns. I might adore it if Mother and I might have double butt lifts.

"I want surgery to give me confidence and stand out. Only my body fat is put in another place, so I don't worry."

He added: "I like the best way Kylie Jenner has lip and cheek fillers to make her lovely, I need to be allowed to do it and my mom does it.

   Tanisha wants the Brazilian goal. elevator, tooth veneers and D-cup boob implants


Tanisha wants a Brazilian butt carry, tooth veneers and a D-cup boob implantsCredit: Jamie Lorriman

"I plan to do it at 4pm. I also want whiter teeth and ask my mother for veneers. "

Tanisha teased earlier this yr in the local high school, so Carla determined to train him residence

Carla informed Digital and Fabulous." I am an awesome instructor bullies and destroy Tanishan confidence.

Mother admits that forcing me to take exams and research topics I hate as comrades or science simply makes me depressing.


"Now she finishes her schoolwork in half the time and then goes to the gym, works on Instagram, has nails done and will go shopping with me. She is so much happier and more confident."

Tanisha added: "I like it .I'm not afraid of women being bullied as a result of i feel they appear totally different. I'm showering my lesson, mom checking my job and then going and training.

"i don't think you do well in the exam, which is a testament to how you do in the real world. [19659030] Tanisha has compared her and Carla's relationship with Kylie Jenner and husband Kris's "class =" lazyload "src =" https://www.thesun.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/NINTCHDBPICT000368435702-e1566379944174. jpg "data-credit =" Getty – Contributor "data- data-img =" https://www.thesun.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/NINTCHDBPICT000368435702-e1566379944174.jpg?strip=all&w= 651 ”http: // w ww.w3.org/2000/svg "viewBox =" 0 0 0.7 1 "% 3E% 3C / svg% 3E" />


Tanisha compares her and Carla's relationship with Kylie Jenner and husbandman KrisCredit: Getty Assistant

   Tanisha is expecting Kim Kardashian. for reputation and career inspiration


Tanisha expects Kim Kardashian to gain fame and career inspiration. Trust: Splash News


Brazilian rear elevators are a "death-like cosmetic operation". , prime surgery has warned. The controversial choice includes taking fat from different areas of the physique and injecting it into the glutes and nipples to increase them.

But if not accomplished properly, it may cause critical injury. Jim Body, a professor of aesthetic wave professor, warned Anglia of Ruskin University.

"Fat transplant needs nutrition to be successful, so it needs to be injected into tissue with blood circulation." Prof Body said.

"Fats has a greater probability of staying in place whether it is pushed into the muscle – however here is the danger.

" Injection of fat into the buttocks can easily trigger critical issues if achieved incorrectly. These embrace fat emboli when the fats enters the bloodstream and clogs the blood vessels.

"For example, in the lungs, it prevents oxygen from entering the bloodstream, while in the brain, it can cause a stroke – both can be fatal."

Low cost abroad clinics have contributed to elevated deaths because of the process, Prof Body, Senior Consulting Surgeon, Springfield reported.

Final yr, a research of 692 surgeons all over the world was carried out, 32 sufferers had died of a situation referred to as fats embolism – the place injected fat passes to other elements of the physique, which it shouldn’t.

"" Most of those deaths appear to have been prompted educated docs who work He added.

"Other postoperative problems like gangrene and sepsis can also be deadly."

"No Kardashians have a university or college degree, and they control the world of social media. Kylie Jenner got her mother a home school, she got surgery and fillers, and she's done great things. She's a billionaire. [19659002]" life expertise are what I want. I concentrate on creating social media tracking and learning dance and singing.

"My mother is not an academic, but he is katuhajuisten hustler. He recognizes what I am good at, and drive me toward it. I'm so proud that he is."

   Tanisha is inspired by Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashianin grooves.


Tanisha is impressed by the careers of Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. little question that going underneath the knife will help fulfill his superstar.

mother shouldn’t be educational, but she is road throat.


She said: "My mother teaches me to improve my magnificence. Nowadays beauty is said to how you employ instruments round you, akin to make-up, clothes, plastic surgery and even Instagra m filters, every with a special definition of lovely.

“If someone thinks my mother is dangerous when she's straight with me from faculty, my educational library, or cosmetic surgery, she will get lost. I'm with him agree, as a result of he’s practical. Kris Jenner did this with her youngsters and my mom is just like Kris. “

   Tanisha has jumped in to defend her mother and says she only has heart reasons.


Tanisha has jumped in to defend her mother and says that heartCredit has solely one of the best interests of her: Jamie Lorriman

   Carla's illness cites the cause of stress


Carla's illness purpose for signing offCredit: C.Bellucci

Carla added: "She is very beautiful, but she can be more beautiful and deserves every opportunity I can offer her."

Carla previously worked as coordinator for dementia patients, but has been dismissed for an indefinite amount of time because of the stress and nervousness he has suffered from his trolls on account of his revelation. He cheated NHS docs for free nose job. He has been named "scrounger" and "scammer" online.

Spoken teen has hit the ghosts who attacked Carla saying they have been just jealous of her mother's beauty and honesty.

If anyone thinks my mother is dangerous when she's instantly with me from faculty, my educational library, or my cosmetic surgery. They will get misplaced.


He said, “I'm not ashamed of my mother. He used the providers he had at his disposal. Individuals are just jealous and try to bully him. It's terrifying. My mom is beautiful and would do anything to help me.

“He knows what's greatest for me and I need to be identical to him. She's in touch with right now's teenagers and I have a tremendous relationship with her and she will speak about wanting cosmetic surgery or fillers. It will be significant. They're just jealous.


Carla says her daughter is "very beautiful" however might be "more beautiful" Credit: Jamie Lorriman

cosmetic surgery on the NHS [1965] is just not routinely offered by the NHS, however may be offered for psychological or different health causes.

NHS Might Pay:

  • Breast Implants if Lady's Breast is severely underdeveloped or asymmetric and it’s clear that this causes her vital psychological distress
  • nasal change if individual has respiratory abdomen
  • fat or skin after weight loss or pregnancy
  • breast reduction operation if a lady's breast weight causes her back issues

"We are told not to bully people at school, but in real life people hide behind their Instagram profiles and attack people. They should be ashamed, not my mother."

Carla has additionally said that if Tanisha needed to use the NHS to get a free surgery like her, she wouldn't cease her.

He said, "If the system allows it, why not. The system is installed this way. People have their cute torque because I used the system. When really its fat people or drug abusers who should be banned from using it." [19659045] "Above all, I raise a strong daughter and if someone kills her or me because of it." They’re simply bullying and jealous. "

Carla appeared in the morning to discuss her NHS nasal work, and her host, Phillip Schofield, said it was" interesting. " Elevator.

Phillip Schofield hammers mother-of-three, Carla Bellucci admits to being freely milked NHS

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