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Falun Gong is not a cult

Suppressing the truth is the head of all evil

The Epoch Occasions proudly publishes "Unprecedented Persecution of Evil: A Genocide Against the Good of Humanity" (ed. Dr. Torsten Trey and Theresa Chu. 2016. Clear Perception Publishing). The guide helps to know the need for compulsory organ harvesting in China by explaining the basis explanation for this cruelty: the genocide by the Chinese government towards Falun Gong practitioners.

Eight years ago, David Matas and I, volunteers, joined the worldwide Chinese Falun Gong Practitioner Conscious of Organ Theft / Smuggling. The persecution began in mid-1999, however we, as unbiased investigators, found no proof of Falun Gong trafficking in seized organs before 2001. The revised Matas-Kilgour report is out there in almost 20 languages ​​online (see www.david-kilgour .com or www.organharvestinvestigation.internet ).

As soon as, our delegation came to the Central European Parliament, waiting to satisfy with a group of legislators from several events, solely to seek out out that the native MP, who was to ask others, had decided at the last minute not to take action. His assertion was that his Caucasus is based mostly on religion and that Falun Gong is a religion totally different from his own.

In about 50 nations, Matas and I have now visited individually or collectively on this topic because the publication of our report. In 2006, did we hear a Falun Gong practitioner speak about one thing aside from constructive about other religious communities. In addition, which religion does not determine the elemental rules of "truth, compassion, and patience" of Falun Gong? The peacefulness and non-violence shown by its practitioners, seemingly with out exception, within the face of quite a few assaults, imprisonments, torture and murders in China since mid-1999, impress anyone who is conscious of the small print.

The 20 th century was undoubtedly the worst in the history of literature for the brutality of governments in the direction of spiritual communities. Certainly one of in all probability the very best estimates of the entire variety of individuals of nationality who died prematurely resulting from their faith is 1900-2000, of which 70 million are Muslims, 35 million Christians, 11 million Hindus, 9 million Jews, 4 million Buddhists, two million Sikhs and a million. bahaialaista.

Many died from inter-religious or inner violence, but most died by the hands of totalitarian governments that overthrew all religions, primarily because their members' deeper loyalty lay elsewhere. than with native or national despots. Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Ballot Pot and others who committed a wide selection of crimes towards humanity murdered tens of hundreds of thousands of their citizens for his or her religious faith. The hostile angle in the direction of all religions of totalitarian Beijing is the first major cause for the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners up to now.

Clive Ansley of British Columbia, who practiced regulation in Shanghai for 13 years and is the North American chairman of the Falun Gong persecution coalition, just lately remarked:

But 100,000-200,000 Falun Gong practitioners have been murdered on Chinese working tables. And their organs have been stolen and bought for revenue. And there is hardly any uproar about this. We’ve got seen a stream of stories in all media retailers in Darfur, Burma and Tibet. Mia Farrow protests at the so-called "Genocide Olympics" over China's indirect genocide in Darfur; however he has never talked about the direct genocide perpetrated day by day by the Communist Social gathering of China on a systematic foundation since 1999. I will by no means see any reference to the genocide towards Falun Gong in any of these debates concerning the atrocities in China in Darfur or Tibet.

The media systematically ignores the most effective cruelty the world has seen because the Holocaust. For the past 15 years, probably the most barbaric crime towards humanity in trendy historical past has progressed day by day in China, and it has brought on our media and most North American politicians to be completely turbulent. This is again the Holocaust, but with a new and terrifying dimension.

One more reason was its massively well-liked attraction in China, after its founding master Li Hongzhi solely launched it to rural China, in 1992. The exceptional progress was due partially to its deep rootedness in Daoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, and other Chinese language indigenous tradition, bodily options. Mao has suppressed these conventional outstanding options of Chinese culture since his dying in 1949 in 1976. By 1999, the social gathering state had estimated that there have been greater than 70 million Falun Gong practitioners in China – greater than the Chinese language Communist Social gathering.

The destructive factor associated with Jiang and different social gathering officials was the shortage of hierarchy and structure in Falun Gong, which made it unimaginable for them to regulate its membership and operation.

These elements help explain why Jiang Zemin, celebration chief in 1999 and doubtless earlier, developed his irrational hatred of Falun Gong.


Jiang's "greatest truth", that is, Falun Gong is a "bad cult", reminds us of the messages. Between April and June 1994, the Rwandan authorities, by way of its get together media, despatched a message towards the Tutsi minority before the genocide in the entire nation. The Russian Bolsheviks followed a comparable path to the heirs' own prescribed listing of celebration enemies following the Communist Revolution of 1917. Hitler's Nazis used it towards numerous minority communities, especially German Jews, after 1933.

There was a constant move of toxic propaganda towards Falun Gong in the social gathering state. dominated the media in China since 1999 that many Chinese language residents and other people outdoors the country have naively accepted celebration state lies on this and different matters.

Ian Johnson, former head of the Beijing Road Office of the Wall Road Journal, who gained the Pulitzer Prize for his report on Falun Gong, has raised a number of curtains in the 2005 publication Wild Grass:

  • Declaring Falun Gong a Cult "the most brilliant movements" as a result of it placed Falun Gong defenses in protection to show its innocence and "disguised the suppression of the government with the legitimacy of the Western anti-cult movement. The government quickly selected a vocabulary for anti-cultism, opened websites and published overnight experts who voted that Master Li would not resign as Jim Jones, the head of the nation's temple, who claimed to kill 912 members in 1978, or the Church of Scientology, which allegedly . "
  • " To prove its point, the government told a series of plague stories of people who had cut their stomachs in search of the Dharma wheel. it had to spin inside. Others whose relatives had died after practicing Falun Gong instead of taking medicine were introduced. "
  • The issue was that some of these claims remained valid. The government never gave Falun Gong victims the opportunity to interview themselves, which made it virtually inconceivable to verify their allegations. And even if all the allegations have been taken at face worth, they have been a very small proportion of the entire number of Falun Gong supporters … "
  • " In principle, the group did not meet many widespread cult definitions: marry outdoors, make outdoors pals, maintain regular work, don't reside remoted from society, do not consider that the top of the world is underneath menace and do not give giant amounts of cash to the organization. Most importantly, suicide is unacceptable and bodily violence … ”

As a former continual counselor, I spoke concerning the dangers of cults and some new spiritual actions at a world conference at the College of Alberta on June 11, 2004. , The textual content of which is out there on my web site (professor at the University of[196590022SamassakonferenssissajokapidettiinListerHallissaAlbertanyliopistonopiskelija-asunnossaEdmontonissajakahdellahenkilökunnallaKiinankonsulaatinjäsenetCalgaryssajakoivatpamflettejajotkahyökkäsivätFalunGongiintoisinkuin"vihanyllyttäminen"KanadanrikoslaintunnistettavissaolevaanuskonnolliseentaikulttuuriseenyhteisöönKaksiEdmontoninkaupunginpoliisiapäättipamfletinsisällönperusteellaettä"diplomaatit"olisisyytettävämuttapäivänprovinssinoikeusministerikieltäytyiantamastavaadittuasuostumustasyytteidenjatkamiseenOlidiplomaattistakoskemattomuuttakoskeviakysymyksiämuttaminunmielestänituolloinhänenolisipitänytantaasuostumusLisätietojatapahtumastalöytyyraportinosiosta21('Vihanyllyttäminen')japoliisinraporttitapahtumastaon30

Montrealin David Ownby, who did special analysis on Falun Gong and is referred to in our report, already Conclusion:

  • Falun Gong practitioners in North America are well-educated and often reside in nuclear households. Many work with computer systems or finance; some are engineers.
  • Falun Gong practitioners haven’t any financial obligations to their spiritual group; likewise, they do not stay in isolation and are law-abiding.
  • Falun Gong is not a cult.

The proprietor's conclusion is in line with many unbiased observers similar to David Matas and myself. In about 115 nations where Falun Gong exists, there is just one, China (and probably Vladimir Putin's Russia) the place its practitioners do not look like good residents and exemplary members of their respective civil societies.

Liberty Indivisible.

One Chinese language researcher of persecution of religions recommended many years ago that then in all probability as many Christians attended a weekly service to China in China – principally secretly – as so brazenly throughout Europe. Preventing for the rules of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights for a younger religious group similar to Falun Gong, the above-mentioned short-sighted Member would finally defend spiritual freedom basically in China. The Chinese language Structure states that its citizens take pleasure in "religious freedom" (Article 36), although so-called Certainly, outsiders of "patriotic churches" are denied the proper to follow their religion.

The Chinese language social gathering state considers all religious communities to be deviations from Karl Marx's mournful materialism. For example, sort "Chinese government persecution of Christians" on Thus far, there are a complete of 1,970,000 entries, lots of which are appalling. Substitute "Christians" with many other teams and get:

  • Aliens-14,800,000 Enrollments
  • Muslims-Three,180,000
  • Democrats-43,400,000
  • Falun Gong-290 000
  • Tibetans – 441,000
  • gays and lesbians – 1,660,000
  • Uighurs – four,210,000
  • journalists – approx. 37,000,000
  • legal professionals – 2,820,000
  • buyers – 32,600,000
  • overseas buyers – 39,200,000
  • entrepreneurs – 61,000,000

A lot of the Falun Gong conscience prisoners are in horrific circumstances in pressured labor camps, makes a wide selection of products for export, together with Christmas decorations, in violation of World Commerce Group (WTO) guidelines.

Google "Chinese Government Corruption" and you need to use 36,900,000 products. "Chinese Government Secret Executions" brings in 8,460,000. Another point that caught my consideration was "Chinese Government Bans", which has four,140,000 entries. The Beijing State Get together focuses on false denials, together with the 2003 SARS epidemic in China, the demise of anyone in Tiananmen Sq. in June 1989, and the robbing of Falun Gong organs.


In the present day, human dignity is indivisible around the globe. There must be complete consensus among members of all religions and other civil society on points resembling those faced by Falun Gong practitioners every single day for too lengthy in China. If individuals in open societies around the globe do not unite in such matters, a number of the remaining dictatorships on the earth will solely repeat the terrible rage of the last century.

As said above, one thing is clear: Falun Gong, whose practitioners want to be referred to as a training group with meditation fairly than faith, is not a cult.

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