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Caution for ALL AND ALL ESSENTIAL OILS: In case you are pregnant or beneath medical care, all the time seek the advice of together with your physician earlier than using the essential oils.

As with all info on this page, comply with all applicable precautions when utilizing these potent fragrant essences and seek the advice of a doctor if unsure.


Essential Oil Profiles

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Essential Oil Dosing, Dilution

Dilution refers back to the mixing of important oils with an appropriate service oil. Often we use a 2.5% dilution when mixing our important oils with a service. As mentioned earlier, we only use 1% dilution for youngsters, pregnant ladies, the elderly or weak or healing.

The typical dilution can be:

  • 2-3 drops of 1 teaspoon of service oil
  • . 7-8 drops of 1 tablespoon service oil 15 drops of 1 oz. service oil

. Not all drops are equal. The droplet measurement will differ depending on which oil is chosen and the viscosity of the oil. There’s little difference when working with personal mixing, but there is a larger distinction when mixing a bigger amount of combination.

For bigger tasks, you could need to purchase a number of drops at your native pharmacy to improve accuracy, but for the small ones, mixing a nozzle reducer that ought to be in your important oil is sufficient.

The dose of your mix is ​​essential, and there are some things to think about. To start with, the following desk offers you with security advice, however these numbers can range for many causes.

In the event you need your mix to work fast, you might contemplate including 5 supplements aside from those listed within the table [19659006] If an individual has skin sensitivity, is pregnant, or has a toddler, divide the desk amounts by Three and even Four. DO NOT use any essential oils on ladies through the first trimester of being pregnant or with youngsters underneath 3 years of age. previous without medical recommendation.

Some important oils must be used in smaller doses than others, between 1-3 drops: rose, jasmine, chamomile (German and Roman), Helychrisum, St. John's wort, Melissa, lemon Verbena. There are also totally different degrees of dilution relying on how the oils are to be used.

Utilizing Essential Oils within the Tub

The traditional dilution in a shower can be about 7 drops. When you have delicate skin or attempt a new oil, mix the oil with a small amount of service oil or shampoo earlier than adding to the bathtub.

For youngsters 4 to 12 years previous and the aged, add solely 4 drops of oil per tub. For youngsters between 1-4 and pregnant ladies, add only 2 drops of oil per tub. Due to the evaporation fee, it is best to increase. tub oils and mix together with your hand as an alternative of including them to operating water.

Adding Essential Oils to Ointments or Lotions

If you mix essential oils with a daily, odorless cream or ointment base (out there from an area pharmacy), it adds the therapeutic properties of the oils or oils to your cream or lotion, as well as . The entire proportion of essential oils within the cream or ointment might not exceed 2%. You also needs to just remember to mix the oil completely with cream or cream and that you are not allergic to the important oils of your selection. Combined cream or ointment ought to be stored in a closed container and funky. Including Essential Oils to Massage Oil

When utilizing essential oils for therapeutic massage, first dilute them with an appropriate service oil. the fact that important oils are too concentrated to be utilized without diluting the pores and skin.  Massage Dilutions: Age Service Oil Quantity Essential Oils 65 Years + [19659035] Approx. 1.5 tbsp 5-6 drops Age 12-65 Approx. 1.5 tbsp 10 drops 6-12 yr olds approx. 1.5 tbsp 7 drops youngsters 4-6 approx. 1.5 tbsp 5 drops  Youngsters 1-Four Approx. 1.5 tbsp 2 drops Underneath 1 yr previous Approx. 1.5 tbsp 1 drop pregnant approx. 1.5 tablespoons 1-2 drops

essential oils security directions

essential safety ideas for utilizing important oils

Utilizing important oils is a good way to loosen up and really feel good. You’ll be able to refresh your thoughts and physique with a number of favorite oils. Nevertheless, there are some essential security rules that you need to know earlier than using essential oils. The next are essential safety ideas to ensure that you are using important oils with proper care.

By no means apply important oils to your naked pores and skin: This can be a essential rule for anybody who is curious about using important oils. When you apply undiluted oil on your pores and skin, it’ll trigger burns and irritation. Whereas important oils can definitely provide help to when used correctly, it may possibly trigger lots of problems when used correctly. As an alternative of putting it on your skin with out diluting it, you need to get good service oil and mix it in the correct quantity. This can be sure that you employ it safely on your pores and skin.

Essents oils are flammable: Keep in mind that all important oils are flammable. Never use essential oils in open flames and this accommodates candles. There is a means to make use of essential oils with candles, but special care have to be taken. You mild a candle and let a number of the wax melt. Then extinguish the candle and add the important oils to the melted wax without letting it contact the beat. After which you can mild a candle. Never depart them unattended. Be sure to take a look at it always.

Monitor Allergic Reactions: Identical to with any product you employ at residence or in your skin, it’s worthwhile to be intently monitored for allergic reactions. It isn’t uncommon for individuals to have allergic reactions to certain kinds of oils. These might embrace robust oils akin to cinnamon. Attempt to add only one drop of a small amount of service to seek out out in case you are allergic to oil after which apply it to your pores and skin. If you do not see the response after several hours, you possibly can continue utilizing the oils. This is the easiest way to be sure to are usually not allergic.

Be Cautious About Pets, Youngsters, and Pregnant Ladies: Apparently, while important oils are all pure products, you still have to be careful when using them within the surroundings of pets, youngsters. and pregnant ladies. There are some important oils that can trigger untimely start. As well as, essential oils should never be consumed. By no means place oils the place youngsters and pets can attain them. Never put oil in your pet. They will lick it and it could cause sickness.

Beware of Drug Interactions: When utilizing prescribed drugs or when you’ve got some kinds of sicknesses, you have to be cautious when utilizing essential oils. Individuals suffering from asthma and different upper respiratory tract infections might have problem utilizing sure essential oils reminiscent of rosemary, fennel and sage.

Most importantly, you have to be additional cautious when utilizing any sort of important oil to make sure your security.

Contraindications to Essential Oils

Pregnancy – The following oils must be prevented during being pregnant: basil, birch, cedar, clove, nail, gypsum, fennel, jasmine, juniper, peppermint, rosemary, sage, thyme [19659066] – These oils can irritate the pores and skin and ought to be diluted with father or mother oil before software to the skin or utilized within the tub: basil, cinnamon, clove jam, fennel, siberian peel, lemon, lemongrass, melissa, peppermint, thyme, tea tree, verbena

Causes skin sensitization in the presence of ultraviolet mild and will NOT be used before direct daylight exposure: Angelica, bergamot, mandarin, lemon, lime, petitgrain, St. Joh. non-wort, Verbena

high blood pressure – the next oils should not be used with high blood pressure with individuals with: hyssop, rosemary, sage, thyme pores and skin allergic reactions [19659006] Pores and skin Illnesses – When you’ve got dermatitis or different allergic skin circumstances, these oils must be prevented: Benzoine, Rose geranium, Jasmine, Pine, Ylang Ylang

Poisonous oils – These oils ought to be prevented: Bitter almond, mugwort, mustard, Pennyroyal , Rue, Sassafrass, Southernwood, Tansy, Wintergreen

Seizure Disorder – In case you endure from epilepsy or seizure disorder, these oils must be prevented: Basil, Fennel, Hyssop, Rosemary, Sage

about 2 months however keep away from it for every week or two earlier than and after vaccination.

Use only with younger youngsters until they are one yr previous, just one/2 % dilution and up to 1 drop. a complete of essential oils at one time. Use only Roman chamomile, Neroli, lavender, tangerine or rose with small infants – keep away from all different essential oils. For child massage, mix 1 drop of essential oil with 2 teaspoons (10 ml) of base oil and then gently therapeutic massage. arms, arms, legs, ft, again, chest and stomach. If your baby exhibits indicators that you simply need to give up, achieve this, however most infants take pleasure in a therapeutic massage. It’s unlikely that you’ll use all the therapeutic massage mixture, so hold the remaining in a darkish glass bottle. You should use it the subsequent day for an additional massage or child tub.

Use only diluted essential oils in the tub. The infant's skin could be very delicate, and babies are likely to put their fingers in their mouths and rub their eyes.

If your baby is restless and stressed, use Roman chamomile or Neroli for a massage or tub. To help your baby sleep, use lavender within the tub or massage, or put one drop on your baby's sheets or pajamas. In case your baby has stomach problems, use a tangerine to softly therapeutic massage the infant's stomach.

Info on the security of important oils for babies might be present in Gill Farrer-Halls's "Aromatherapy Book". Harmful Essential Oils Ajowan. (Trachyspermum copticum) Poisonous thymol, extremely irritant Bitter almond (Prunus dulcis var Amara) Toxic cyanide (Prussic acid), present in crude oils -PaF65 [use only F65] boldus). Highly oral toxicity calamus (Acorus calamus) carcinogenic oral toxin Ÿ-azarone, methyleneugenol; FDA banned aroma use camphor, brown or yellow (Cinnamomum camphora) carcinogenic safrole rosin (Pinus spp.) robust sensitiser accumulation (Saussurea costus) ] Croton, Cascarilla (Croton tiglium) methyleugenol, vesicant Elecampane, Allantroot (Innula helenium) potent sensitizer Fig leaf absolute (Ficus carica) Armoracia rusticana) severely irritating allyl isothiocyanate Jaborandi (Pilocarpus jaborandi) neurotoxic pilocarpine Massoia Bark (Cryptocaria massoia) severely irritating severely irritating ] orally poisonous coumarin mustard (Brassica nigra) extreme irritant allyl isothiocyanate ocotea (Ocotea cymbarum) carcinogenic safrole 59082] parsley seed (Pertoseloks65) Balsam, a strong sensitiser of balsam in any type (Myroxylon balsamum var. Pereirea) might result in systemic reactions to widespread spices Rue (Ruta graveolens) orally toxic, irritant, photosensitizer lavender (Santolina chamaecyparissus) orally poisonous santolinenone [19659113] Sassafras (Sassafras albidum) carcinogenic safrole Savin (Juniperus Sabina) neurotoxic Candy birch (Betula lenta) methyl salicylate neurotoxic ] Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare) 87% neurotoxic Ÿ-thujone turpentine, Terebint (Pinus palustris, Pinus spp.) oral poisonous, irritant turpentine absolute (Thea sinensis absolute) [1965] 19659078] Thuja, White cedar, Cedarleaf (Thuja occidentalis, T. plicata) neurotoxic alpha thion, th-thion Tonka bean (Dipteryx odorata) [19659139] orally toxic coumarin Verbena (Lippia citriodora, Verbena triphylla) potent sensitizer, phototoxic winter green (Gaultheria procumbens) methyl salicylate worms (Chenopodium ambrosioides var. anthelminticum) oral toxic wormwood (Artemisia absinthum) neurotoxic alpha thion, Ÿ thujone

oil measurements and equivalents

  • Three teaspoons (teaspoon) = 1 tablespoon . 2 tbsp (teaspoon) = 1 ounce (oz)
  • 6 teaspoons (teaspoon) = 1 ounce (oz)
  • 10 milliliters (ml) = 1/3 ounce. 15 milliliters (ml) = half ounce
  • 30 milliliters (ml) = 1 ounce. 10 milliliters (ml) = about 300 drops.

Usually, it is advisable to use 2 drops of essential oil per ton of service oil (but comply with particular person recipes, if obtainable. Full physique therapeutic massage will take 1 to 2 ounces of service oil. Often, you need to use any natural service oil except mineral oils.

Add 10-12 drops of a single oil or mixture to half cup Epsom salt or baking soda – or 5 drops to 1 TBS Epsom salt or baking soda. it in a scorching tub when it fills in. Soak until the water cools down.

Apply 2-3 drops of essential oil or combination on the palm, rub the palms collectively, the cups over the nostril and mouth and breathe deeply 6- 8 occasions. 19659160] diffusion:
a couple of drops in diffuser (for therapeutic use, cold air diffusers do not injury the ether brittle properties of oils), you should purchase electrical home equipment, candle-heated, ceramic rings positioned in incandescent lamps or just use a bowl of warm water. Using heat to use essential oils destroys the essential oils and renders them therapeutically ineffective. Cold air disintegrators rigorously decompose essential oils into small molecules by microdiffusion in order that the oils stay intact. This process creates high quality mist vapor which floats within the air and is definitely absorbed into the body by means of the respiratory tract. When you apply oil only because of the aroma, the oil burner will work perfectly. However in case you are utilizing an important oil or mixture for therapeutic profit, use a chilly air diffuser.

Dilute 1 half important oil or combine with Four elements vegetable oil (olive works nicely) and apply Eight-10 drops on affected area. Cover with a humid hand towel or wash with a material. Cover with a humid towel with a dry towel and depart for 10-15 minutes. If there’s inflammation – all the time use a chilly compress. If no irritation happens, use a heat compress. (Discover ways to make cold and hot compressions here.)

Therapeutic massage the oil or mix together with your thumb or reflector to the corresponding reflex point in your ft. Use a press and a round motion for 10 to 20 seconds. (Discover ways to do a reflexology massage right here.)

RECENT STORAGE: (only if instructions)
Dilute 15 drops of really helpful essential oil or mix with 1 TBS. vegetable oil. Add 1 TBS. rectal bulb syringe and store overnight.

VAGINAL STORAGE: (provided that directed)
Apply 5-8 drops of oil or mixture to the tampon and insert into the vagina for inner an infection; or use a sanitary foil for external injury. Let's continue overnight. Pull the towel over your head, also masking the recent water. Add 3 to 6 drops of essential oil or mix with water. Inhale the fumes as deeply as potential a number of occasions by way of the nostril as they rise with the fumes. Add steam to scorching water if crucial.

Combine 15 drops of essential oil with an oz of service oil (almond, apricot, jojoba) and benefit from the contact.

OTHER USES: 19659159] Facial Steam, Foot Soak, Insecticide, Family Cleansing and rather more … use your creativeness. Notes on Essential Oils (Prime, Middle, Backside) Essential oils evaporate in several ways. The oils that evaporate the quickest are eucalyptus and orange. The slowest risky oils are patchouli and sandalwood. Between these two extremes there are other essential oils that evaporate at varying rates. These evaporation scales are divided into three sections: oil mixture, you must have a mixture of three notes. It is extremely necessary to use a very good stability when creating oil blends.

If you first odor the oil blend or perfume, the odor you first understand would be the NOTE. CRITERIA are used to retain oils that evaporate quicker, as well as to face up to odor or aroma as long as attainable. NOTE OILS

  • These are the fastest-acting essences, e.g., eucalyptus and lemon. Generally, these oils are uplifting and stimulating.
  • They’re effective in circumstances of mental exhaustion and when one exhibits a scarcity of curiosity in life.
  • These oils are probably the most generally used.
  • Most spices and herbs fall into this category. These oils have an effect on body perform, metabolism and digestion.
  • The bottom observe oils are purely cellular and affect the quality of the tissue.
  • Most rubbers and wooden are primary notice oils. These oils are recognized to have an effect on the mucous membranes. Attention oils are very worthwhile within the remedy of continual illnesses.
  • These are a number of the essences used by people as historic occasions. Base oil could be very effective in treating the elderly. No less than one middle notice important oil ought to be a part of every blend as it is the crucial hyperlink between the base notice oil (s) and the highest notice oil (s). Antibacterial Essential Oils

  • Tea Tree esp. Towards Staph Infections
  • Manuka (staph & strep)
  • Bay Laurel
  • Thyme
  • Bergamot
  • Sage
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Clove
  • ] Clove
  • Lemon
  • Naouli
  • Lemongrass
  • Ravensara
  • Pine
  • Palmarosa
  • Cistus (E-Coli)
  • Marjoram
  • 19p9011
  • cajeput
  • sandalwood (strep)

Keep in mind that as increasingly more infestation circumstances grow to be immune to multiple antibiotics, antibacterial important oils seem to retain their effectiveness. Fungal antifungal oils

  • geranium
  • antiViral Essential oils

    • tea tree
    • manuka
    • cinnamon bark
    • thyme (advocate Linalool)
    • real Melissa (towards herpes virus)
    • Clove bud
    • oregano
    • cinnamon leaf
    • lemon
    • Naouli
    • Myrrh
    • Ravensara (some say it’s efficient for mononucleosis, herpes, shingles, flu, and so forth.) Eucalyptus Radiata
    • Peppermint
    • Cistus
    • Palmarosa
    • Elemi
    • Helichrysum
    • Lime
    • Eucalyptus Globulus [1965901] Thuja [19650101] Thuja [19650101] Symptom of essential oils listing
      • ABOUT: Lavender, Tea Tree, Thyme, Myrrh, Glove, Birch
      • ABDOMINAL RAW MATERIALS: Lavender, Clary Sage, Rosemary, Ginger, Basil, Peppermint, Aniseed, 19659011] M] 19659011] , juniper
      • ACNE: Bergamot, chamomile, geranium, lavender, Palmaros a, patchuli, sandalwood, tea tree, vetiver, lemongrass, rosewood, sederwood, Eucalyptus Radiata, orange, Neroli
      • ageing skin, Frankinc , lavender, patchuli, sage, geranium, rosewood, sandalwood 1969] ALLERGIES: Chamomile, lavender, Melissa, patchuli, ledum, nutmeg
      • AMENORRHEA: Basil, fennel, Clary Sage, Marjoram, Myrrh [1 9659011] Nervousness: Bergamot, Petitgrain
      • BlackRepzo, ARTHRITIS, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Juniper, Helichrysum, Balsam, Rosemary, Oregano, Carnation, Nutmeg, Tansy, Elemi, Peppermint [1965011] , marjoram, Hyssop: 19659011] ATHL, Myrrh, Balsam Fir, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemongrass
      • COATINGS: Lavender, Tea Tree, Thyme, Myrrh, Frankincense, Birch
      • BOREDOM: 19659011] Brindi, additionally chilly, Benzoine, Cajeput, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Incense, Ginger, Helichrysum, Lavender, Marjoram, Myrtle, Peppermint, Pine, Sandalwood, Tea Tree, Thyme
      • BRUISIT: Fennel, Lavender, Celandine, Parsley , clove, nutmeg, amyris
      • BURNS: Lavender, fir, Helichrysum, Melissa
      • CATEGORY: Eucalyptus, lavender, pine, thyme
      • CELLULITE: Birch, fennel, geranium, g reippi
      • GLASSES: (Cold extremes – poor movement, black berry, pepper), Helichrysum, cypress, myrtle, orange, grapefruit, clove, peppermint, geranium, nutmeg
      • CHILDREN'S LIKE: Bergamot, Eucalyptm, Tea Chap, 1965901 Marjoram, Peppermint
      • GROUPED LEATHER: Geranium, Grapefruit
      • DEFINITION: Black pepper, ginger, peppermint, fennel, glaze, anise
      • SE, :, Ginger, Helichrysum, Marjoram, Myrtle, Pine, Tea Tree, Thyme
      • CRA FREE AND CHAPPED SKIN: Benzoin, myrrh, patchuli, roman chamomile, Neroli, rose, palmarosa, sandalwood, rosewood, Lavender 19, Spiken1] SOURCES: Lavender, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Eucalyptus Globulus, Cypress, Birch, Thyme, German Chamomile, Lavender, Mountain Salt, Peppermint
      • CYSTIT: Oregano, Rock Salt, Tea Tree, Thyme, Cistus, Cat drive, rosemary, cloves
      • CORRECTION: lavender, tea tree, cedar, balsamic flower, western purple cedar, rosemary, sage
      • DEPRESSION: basil, bergamot, Helichrysum, lavender, lime, sandalwood
      • , kaffir lime, celery seed, cistus, roman chamomile, german rose, geranium 19659011] DIARRHEA: Peppermint, ginger, spice seasoning, oregano, clove, nutmeg, lemon : Roman chamomile, Neroli, rose, Palmarosa, Sanmar Lavender, Spikenard, Myrrh
      • DYSMENORRHEA: (Painful durations / menstrual cramps) Clary Sage, rosemary, hops, sage, lavender, roman chamomile, cypress01, ] DYSPEPSIA: (indigestion) peppermint, fennel, cumin, ginger, clove mint, nutmeg, orange, grapefruit
      • ECZEM: 011] Lavender, juniper, ledum, celery amen, cyst, roman chamomile, german chamomile, geranium, rosewood, thyme
      • EDEMA / WATER: Ledum, german chamomile, cedar, birch, peppermint, lavender, grapefruit, juniper. , Geranium, Carnation
      • FEVERS: Eucalyptus, Lemongrass
      • MOUNTING: Peppermint, Tarragon, Nutmeg, Anise, Fennel, Ledum
      • GREASY LEATHER: Bergamot, Chamomile, Lavender, Lavender, Lavender, Lavender, Lavender palm tree, Vetiver, lemongrass, rosewood, cedarwood, Eucalyptus Radiata, orange, Neroli
      • SHORT: Melissa
      • HEMORRHIDS: (Piles) cypress, Helichrysum, Myrrh, Lemon, Spikenard, 19, Spikenard, Spikenard, 19, Ylang
      • HEAD: Chamomile, Lavender Peppermint, Fennel, Cumin, Ginger, Green-Mine, Nutmeg, Orange, Grapefruit
      • High Blood Strain: (Blood Strain) Lavender, German Chamomile, Yarrow, Yarrow, Roman Clove, Clove, Helichrysum
      • INDIGION Fennel, Cumin, Ginger, Cranberry Mint, Nutmeg, Orange, Grapefruit
      • INFLAMED APPENDICES: Birch, spruce, cypress, peppermint, rock salt, mon joran, rosemary, Oregano, Helichrysum, thyme, nutmeg
      • : INFLAMMATION, INFLAMM, INFLAMM Clove, nutmeg, lavender, ravensara, thyme, german chamomile, cypress, myrrh, hyssop, INT1A01, peppermint, peppermint, peppermint Lavender, Eucalyptus Globulus, Citronella, Tea Tree, Peppermint, INarymarim101 INSAMMAMY, COVERING: Lemongrass; Citronella, Lavender
      • INSOMNIA: Chamomile, Lavender, Marjoram
      • LARYNGITIS AND INTERMEDIATE COURSES: Cypress, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemon, Wind Heart, Ravensara, Thyme, Oregano, Peppermint, Myrr. ) Bergamot, lavender, myrrh
      • APPLICATION SEARCH: Bergamot
      • LUMBAGO: (Decrease Back Ache) Marjoram, Nutmeg, Basil, Birch, Helichrysum, German Chamomile, Component, Peppermint
      • Clary Sage
      • MENORRHAGIA: (Heavy Durations) Cypress, Basil, Fennel, Clary Sage, Mejoram, Mirrh
      • METRORRHAGIA: (Periodic Leak) Frankincense, Basil, Fennel, Clary Sage, Marjoram 19M, Marjoram 19659011] MEAT ACHES AND FISH: basil, black pepper, chamomile, eucalyptus, ginger, grapefruit, Helichrysum, lavender, marjoram, rosemary, peppermint, myrrh, birch, clove
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      • WOMEN: Tansy, nutmeg, peppermint, patchuli, ginger
      • NERVOUS DIMENSION AND FATIGIA: Basil, peppermint, rosemary
      • NERVOUS TENSEN, Kamomilla, Clary Sage, Cedarwood, Cedarwood, Cedarwood, Cedarwood.
      • NEURALGIA: Chamomile, Marjoram, Helichrysum, Peppermint, Juniper, Walnut
      • MEAT PURCHASE: Birch, fennel and physiotherapy
      • . ANGER: Ylang Ylang
      • PMT / PMS: Hops, Clary Sage, Sage, Fennel, Anisi, Vitex, Geranium, Blue-Yarrow
      • Poor Circulation: Black Pepper, Ginger, Pine, Rosemary
      • PRURITIS: (Anal. It )) Bergamot, Myrrh, Tea Tree
      • PSORIASIS: Roman chamomile, tea tree, patchuli, Helichrysum, rose, German chamomile, lavender
      • PYORRHEA: (Bronchial Asthma) Clary Sage, cypress, lavender, lavender. Basil, benzoine, cajeput, cedar, eucalyptus, ginger, Helichr ysum, myrtle, peppermint, pine, sandalwood, tea tree, thyme
      • RASHES: Chamomile
      • REMEUMATISM: Benzoine, birch, camomile, chamomile, chamomile [1969] 1 Marjoram1, Marmarram, Rosemary] FIGURES: Frankincense, Petitgrain, Lavender
      • SHOCK: Peppermint, Petitgrain
      • SINUSITIS: Pine
      • SKIN CARE: Carrot Seed, Cedarwood1, Cedarwood1, Cedarwood1, Cedarwood1 , Eucalyptus; , Teepuu
      • HARJAT JA VÄLIT: Kamomilla, laventeli
      • STOMACH CRAMPS: Clary Sage, Piparminttu
      • STRATEGIAMERKIT: Mandariini, laventeli
      • HENGASJALKAT: Cypress
      • TEHNYY: TH59011011]. : Teepuu
      • HAMMASKOHTA: Cajeput, kamomilla, neilikka
      • URETHRITIS: Cedarwood, Tea Tree
      • VAGINITIS: Tea Tree
      • VARICOSE VEINS: Cypress, Helichrysum, Basil, Pepperminton, Peppermint, 1961 , Piparminttu
      • WOUNDS: Kamomilla, Sitruuna, M yrrh, teepuu

      eteeristen öljyjen oireluettelo

      Seuraavat öljyt voivat auttaa lievittämään lueteltuja valituksia. Tämä ei ole kattava luettelo eikä sitä pidetä reseptinä nimetylle valitukselle.

      • Angelica – yskä, vilustuminen, kuume, ilmavaivat, ruoansulatushäiriöt.
      • anikset – ruoansulatushäiriöt, yskä, keuhkoputkentulehdus, katarri.
      • . Aprikoosinydin – ihon ennenaikainen ikääntyminen, tulehdukset, kuivuus (käytä 100%), mineraalit ja vitamiinit.
      • Avokado – kuiva iho, ihottuma (lisää 10% perusöljyyn), vitamiinit, proteiini, lesitiini, rasvahapot.
      • Basilika – keuhkoputkentulehdus, väsymys, vilustuminen, keskittymishäviöt, migreeni, kihti, kivut, masennus, pyörtyminen, henkinen väsymys, migreeni, pahoinvointi, hermostunut jännitys, piriste.
      • Bay – nyrjähdykset, vilustuminen flunssa, unettomuus, reuma, antiseptinen, dekongestantti, tonisoiva.
      • bentsoiini – yskä, kutina, niveltulehdus, vilustuminen, sedatiivinen.
      • bergamotti – kuume, akne, jännitys, haavat, yskä, stressi, masennuslääke, kohottava.
      • koivu – kihti, reuma. , ekseema, haavaumat.
      • mustapippuri – vilustuminen, kivut, vaikutukset, ilmavaivat, reuma.
      • Bois de Rose – tonic, yskä, päänsärky, masennuslääke.
      • Borage – PMT, MS, vaihdevuodet, sydänsairaudet, psoriaasi, ekseema, ennenaikainen ikääntyminen, uudistaa ihoa, vitamiineja, mineraaleja.
      • Cajeput – antiseptic, analgesic, lung congestion, neuralgia, pimples.
      • Camphor -  coughs, colds, fever, rheumatism, arthritis, stimulant.
      • Carrot – gout, ulcers, flatulence, eczema, psoriasis, diuretic.
      • Cedarwood – bronchitis, catarrh, pimples, arthritis, diuretic, lung congestion, eczema, aphrodisiac.
      • Chamomile, German – nervous circumstances, insomnia, antibacterial, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, teething, sunburn, psoriasis, eczema, bronchial asthma, hay fever , diarrhea, sprains, nausea, fever, melancholy, accommodates azulene, (uplifting), tonic.
      • Chamomile Roman – nerves, migraine, pimples, irritation, insomnia, menstrual problems, dermatitis.
      • Cinnamon Bark – antiviral, antiseptic , circulatory, coronary heart, digestive, respirator y stimulant, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, antivenom, antiseptic.
      • Cinnamon Leaf – flu, rheumatism, warts, coughs, colds, antiviral.
      • Citronella – insecticide, deodorant, tonic, stimulant.
      • Clary Sage – melancholy, nerves, sore throat, aches, pains, debility, sedative, uplifting.
      • Clove – antibacterial, antiseptic, analgesic, toothache, digestive problems, muscular issues, asthma, nausea, sinusitis, sedative, nerve rigidity, common weak spot, antispasmodic – don’t use undiluted on pores and skin.
      • Coriander – indigestion, flu, fatigue, rheumatism, flatulence, nervousness, analgesic.
      • Cumin – indigestion, headache, liver problems, stimulant.
      • Cypress – menopausal issues, circulatory circumstances, rheumatism, colds, whooping cough, nervous rigidity, hemorrhoids, wounds, astringent.
      • Dill – flatulence, indigestion, constipation, nervousness, gastric upset, headache.
      • Eucalyptus Globulus – sore throat, coughs , bronchitis, sinusitis, pores and skin infections, ulcers, sores, rheumatism, aches, pains, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory.
      • Eucalyptus Peppermint – ulcers, sores, coughs, colds, fever, respiratory drawback s, antiviral, headache, flu, rheumatism, arthritis.
      • Eucalyptus Radiata – antiviral, colds, coughs, bronchitis, whooping cough, rheumatism, muscle pressure, antiseptic.
      • Night Primrose – PMT, MS, menopausal issues, heart illness, psoriasis, eczema, prevents premature getting older, 10% Gamma Lineolenic Acid, vitamins, minerals.
      • Fennel – digestive problems, menopausal problems, weight problems, constipation, kidney stones, nausea, diuretic.
      • Frankincense – sores, wounds, fever, coughs, colds, stress, bronchitis, laryngitis, nervous circumstances.
      • Geranium – chilblains, cosmetic, endometriosis, menopause, diabetes, throat infections, nerve tonic, sedative, uterine and breast cancer, frostbite, infertility, antiseptic, astringent, pores and skin toner, adrenal, h ormones, enjoyable, uplifting, emollient, tonic.
      • Ginger – stimulant, rheumatism, muscular aches, pains, sprains, broken bones, colds, nausea, diarrhea, alcoholism, digestive issues.
      • Grapefruit – lethargy, tonic, obesity, kidney and liver issues, migraine, antidepressant, help in drug withdrawal remedy.
      • Grapeseed – all pores and skin varieties – 100% base oil nutritional vitamins, minerals, protein.
      • Hazelnut – slight astringent base oil 100%, vitamins, minerals, protein.
      • Hops – neuralgia, bruising, menstrual and menopausal issues, rheumatism, nerves, diuretic, sedative, analgesic.
      • Hyssop – bruising, rheumatism, arthritis, coughs, colds, sore throat, antiviral, hypertension, circulatory, nervous pressure, bronchial asthma, tonic.
      • Immortelle (Helichrysum) – antibacterial, rheumatism, muscle aches, weak spot, lethargy, melancholy, respiratory system, colds, flu, fever, antifungal.
      • Jasmine – nervous rigidity, melancholy, menstrual p roblems, laryngitis, nervousness, lethargy, relaxant.
      • Jojoba – irritation, psoriasis, eczema, pimples, hair care, penetrates, 10% protein, minerals, waxy collagen-like substance.
      • Juniper T ree/Bush – tonic for nervous system, digestive stimulant, diuretic, pimples, coughs, ulcers, fatigue, rheumatism, sores, urinary infections.
      • Lavender – burns, prevents scarring, antibiotic, antidepressant, sedative, immunoactive, wounds, enjoyable, emollient, antiseptic, tonic, eczema, pressure, insomnia, asthma, rheumatism, arthritis, bacterial circumstances, headache, dermatitis, fainting.
      • Lemongrass – antiseptic, infections, headache, sore throat, respiratory system, fever, tonic, insect repellent.
      • Lemon – water air purifier, antiseptic, antibacterial, verrucas, insect Bites, pressure headache, Lymphatic tonic, digestive stimulant, cellulite, slimming, antiwrinkle, diuretic, stimulant, nervousness, astringent, antiseptic, vitamin c, carotene (a) bioflavonoids.[19659011]Lime – fever, rheumatism, sore throat, headache, anorexia, alcoholism, melancholy, nervousness astringent, tonic.
      • Mandarin – insomnia, nervousness, liver issues, digestive, nervousness, tonic, tranquilizer.
      • Marjoram – enjoyable, sprains, bruising, colds, rheumatism, intestinal cramps, menstrual issues, nervousness, asthma, bronchitis, insomnia, circulatory, muscular issues.
      • Melissa – enjoyable, nervousness, antibacterial, antifungal, diarrhea, eczema, sedative, cardiac tonic.
      • Myrrh – antiseptic, astringent, tonic, healing agent, dermatitis, coughs, mouth and pores and skin ulcers, antibacterial, antifungal.
      • Neroli – antidepressant, aphrodisiac,antiseptic, digestive help, sedative, antibacterial, bronchitis, diarrhea, antifungal, insomnia, enjoyable, emollient.
      • Naouli – antiseptic, soothing, analgesic, decongestant
      • Nutmeg – nausea, vomiting, muscle aches, rheumatism, arthritis, nervousness, insomnia, cardio stimulant.[19659011]Olive – rheumatic circumstances, hair care, soothes, 10% protein, minerals, nutritional vitamins.
      • Orange – melancholy, nervousness, constipation, nervous circumstances, muscular spasm, tonic, sedative, antise ptic.
      • Oregano – antiviral, bronchitis, rheumatism, respiratory system, muscle pain, digestive.
      • Palmarosa – pores and skin infections, anorexia, tonic.
      • Parsley – nervous circumstances, kidney issues, menstrual and menopausal issues, sedative, diuretic.
      • Patchouli – skin inflammations, antifungal, pimples, eczema, dandruff, antiseptic, diuretic, insecticide.
      • Peppermint – inflammation, nausea, indigestion, fever, flatulence, headache, migraine, liver problems, arthritis, stimulant.
      • Petitgrain – nervousness, insomnia, melancholy, antiseptic, tonic, aids convalescence.
      • Pimento – flatulence, indigestion, cramps, intestinal issues, colds, rheumatism, muscle pressure, melancholy, tonic, tranquilizer.
      • Pine – antiseptic, diure tic, stimulant, adrenal glands, bladder, kidney, chest infections, infections, fatigue, rheumatism, gout, flu, bronchitis, muscle ache, diuretic, respiratory system, sore throat, colds, circulatory, mus cle ache, turpentine.
      • Ravensara – antiviral, liver infections, lung infections, respiratory problems, antiseptic.
      • Rose – melancholy, aphrodisiac, female organ regulator, astringent, sedative, heart tonic, stomach, liver, uterus, nausea, headache, insomnia, skin care, enjoyable, tonic, emollient, antiseptic.
      • Rose Maroc -  menstrual issues, melancholy, stress, pressure, circulatory circumstances, tonic, sedative.
      • Rosemary – physical and mental stimulant, muscular circumstances, antiseptic, sprains, arthritis rheumatism, melancholy, fatigue, reminiscence loss, migraine, flu, diabetes, hair care, antiseptic, stimulant, tonic.
      • Sage – Plant – tonic, antiseptic, diuretic, hypertension, Feminine Reproductive system, sores, fatigue, nervousness, bronchial asthma , bronchitis, Low hypertension, antibacterial, rheumatism, arthritis, sprains, Fibrosis, astringent.
      • Sandalwood – antiseptic, tonic, aphrodisiac, fatigue, impotence, enjoyable, uplifting, acn e, cystitis, emollient, menstrual issues, pores and skin infections, antifungual, antibacterial, sedative.
      • Spearmint – flatulence, indigestion, intestinal cramps, fever, nausea, colic, hemorrhoids.
      • Sweet Almond – itching, soreness, emollient, irritation, (use 100%), glucosides, minerals, vitamins, protein.
      • Tagetes – antifungal, skin infections, cuts, sprains, strains, wounds, circulatory, antiseptic.
      • Tangerine – uplifting.
      • Tea Tree -  antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, colds, flu, colds sores, warts, verrucas, inflammation, pimples, burns, Candida, Shock, Hysteria.
      • Thyme Pink (Vulgaris) – antibacterial, urinary infections, rheumatism, lethargy, sores, wounds, stimulant tonic, immunoactive.
      • Valerian -  sed ative, calmative, nervous circumstances, trembling, neuralgia, insomnia, palpitations, sedative, tranquilizer.
      • Vetiver -  calmative, nervousness, nervous rigidity, insomnia, rheumatism, muscle rel axant, antiseptic, tonic.
      • Violet -inflammations, kidney problems, weight problems, pores and skin infections, fibrosis, rheumatism, analgesic, liver decongestant.
      • Wintergreen – stimulant.
      • Yarrow – inflammation, cramps, constipation, circulatory, rheumatoid arthritis, menstrual problems, astringent.
      • Ylang Ylang – sedative, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, hypertension, intestinal infections, impotence, uplifting, emollient, nervousness, melancholy, sedative, tonic.

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