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Is "democratic socialism" the cover of communism?

Is "democratic socialism" the cover of communism?


Last month, the Senate Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) Claimed to oppose "authoritarian communism" and to help "democratic socialism".

But, based on Bishop EW Jackson, a new group towards Communism: "Socialism and communism are exactly the same, and we do not allow euphemisms to penetrate us to sleep."

Who's Proper?

A number of specialists gathered on Might 20 claimed that America must beware of each

They devoted themselves to settling for the growing American ideology related to the estimated destruction of 94,351,000 lives since 1999.

Soviet Union

CNN Metropolis Hall In New Hampshire, the participant informed Sanders that his father's family had fled the Soviet Union in 1979, "fleeing from some very socialist policies that you are eager to implement in this country."

tried d to talk about the murder Marxism of Moscow in the model of his democratic socialism.

He began by arguing: "Do you suppose that I supported or believe in authoritarian communism in the Soviet Union? I do not. I never have, and I resisted it. I believe in a strong democracy. "

It could possibly be a shock to those with whom he was" Honeymoon "in the Soviet Union in 1988, a journey where he sang" This land is your country "for his Russian hosts when he was his partner


even be a surprise to those that fled from communist Cuba, because Sanders additionally once claimed that the Cubans had not risen towards the repressive regime, as a result of totalitarian dictator Fidel Castro was "Educating his children, giving their children health care, completely transforming society."

At the Communist Opposition, one of those who fled from Cuba stated Nelson Velez, Chairman of the Virginia Tea Social gathering Federation: actual, intimate, immortal, everlasting love for this country, but has observed that the people who come right here legally from Communist nations are extra expert at understanding freedom than the individuals born to this country. ”

The expression Velez informed about his stories he heard in his youth about how affluent and delightful the land had been.

However Marxist revolutionary Fidel Castro had satisfied his compatriots to sacrifice every thing.


Castro "speaks [ed] of hope and change" with none special options, opposed corruption, claimed hate communism, dictatorships, and scattered class warfare, and claimed to "love" the Church and God.

"The reason he was successful," Velez claimed, "was because he lied. And the purpose that the lie was successful was [that] and he put this on American media, and the American media was washing … that he’s surrounded by Communist intruders and his personal violent past. ”

Velez, each Castro and his brother Raul, now Head of State, have repeatedly said publicly that without the American press they might not be capable of… overcome the revolution.


surprises 3.four million Venezuelans who have fled the Bolivarian Bolsheviks, whose iron grip on the nation continues to be bearing in mind that Sanders talked about Nicolas Maduro in totalitarian state "American dream is more feasible" than America as a result of "Revenue

Drawback of course, some revenue is extra equal than others.

The truth is, Sanders defended bread strains in Latin America so way back. ng: “Bread strains are a very good factor. In many nations, the wealthy get meals and the poor starvation for dying. "

True – in nations like the Soviet Union, who intentionally starved hundreds of thousands in Ukraine. Like China, which starved tens of hundreds of thousands throughout its huge leap. And like Venezuela, where the average citizen reportedly lost about 25 kilos in 2017.

So, in contrast, "ask people who leave Venezuela how they feel about socialism, how they feel about communism," Velez reminded the audience that US actor Sean Penn was as soon as came over Hugo Chavez, a late Marxist dictator of the individuals, who was democratically elected as a "Socialist Democrat".

Even in 2012, Velez stated that the "free people" of Venezuela have been

Nordic nations

Sanders has said separately that "I feel we should always take a look at nations like Denmark and Norway and study what they’ve achieved

Let's do this.

The Danish Prime Minister, responding to the People who confer with Denmark for instance of the success of socialism, has stated: “Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy. ”

The Economist stands for Scandanavians' free merchants who resist the temptation to intervene even in iconic corporations. ”

Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands are amongst the prime 10 Based on the World Bank, Denmark and Norway are the 10 greatest nations in the world," Easy to do business ", and Sweden and Finland are among the prime 20.

There are not any national minimum wages in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Sweden has even introduced a basic faculty selection system in the 1990s, including profit-making faculties, and has been working.

Perhaps Sanders feels that these nations should study what they’ve achieved for these in employment: stay removed from the socialist planned financial system and as an alternative remain a market financial system; to protect the benefits of free commerce and refuse to intervene to save lots of even the most affiliated corporations; keep a globalized and interconnected financial system; maximize enterprise ease; take away minimal wages;



Critically, does anybody actually consider that American democratic socialism can collapse into authoritarian communism?

Diana West, "American Betrayal: The Secret Assault for Our Nation's Character", People have by no means really encountered the evil of socialism, "partly because the US communist institutions were highly successful and", "which helped create bureaucracy about what we call "deep state" today. "

This results in the" institutional unwillingness "of the West to open the Pandora's field of the previous, as a result of" communist crimes depend on Western involvement ".

The West reported that specialists who doc US federal authorities officers aiding with the Soviet Union have been working "reved up", then President Franklin Roosevelt's administration in the 1930s and 1940s is now over 500, which exceeds it. A handful of Aldrich from Ameses and Rosenberg, whom he referred to as "a fiasco of national security, the magnitude of which has never become national"

As an inner voice of this disaster, former Trump campaign assistant Jerome Corsi, "Silent No More: How did I become a political prisoner of Mueller's witch hunt" , appeared in the palms of a former special adviser Robert Mueller, in a recent sense, and in a historical context Corsi claimed that after the Second World Conflict it was clear that the United States was not half of the basic Marxist revolution

Thus, in the 1950s, Corsi said that the Communist Social gathering had explicitly determined that that the greatest solution to take energy was once you chose the Democratic Get together, which CPUSA had long expelled, for example, the FBI report on Obama's mentor Frank Marshall Davis, “Members of the Honolulu Reversal Element focused their efforts on a democrat by invading the party by controlling the Precinct Clubs and Organizations. ”

6. April 1950 Davis was elected Deputy Secretary and sent to the Regional Democratic Conference later that month. Twenty years later, Marshall turned the mentor of the younger Barack Obama.

West warned: "There is still a threat to Marx and Lenin's ideology." He said that after the Soviet collapse of 1991, it was meant to be outdated, "but" the free world by no means revealed and stored evil "history, which leads to this decline -" shouldn’t be like its exposure and condemnation of Nazism. "

One thing comparable has since happened to the American trade unions, stated Trevor Loudon, filmmaker of the Purple Menace and writer of "enemies inside: Communists, Socialists and Advancements in the US Congress". He claims that in 1995, American Democratic Socialists (DSA), America's largest Marxist organization, was led by AFL-CIO, the largest American commerce union, John Sweeney.

Joel Kotkin of the Progressive Coverage Institute continues: “Sweeney is an advocate of European-style democracy in socialism. He has opened AFL-CIO to participate in the Communist Get together with open-minded representatives who have been keen to help his rise. The US Communist Social gathering [CPUSA] says it is now "fully in line with" the AFL-CIO program. "The radical change in leadership and politics is a very positive, even a historic change," wrote CPUSA's national chairman Gus Corridor in 1996 after the AFL-CIO Convention.

The change in Loudon revealed that the left-wing floods – radicals for the American labor motion, which had lengthy stood between Soviet sympathizers, mafia bosses and critics of communism.

The 1995 meeting of AFL-CIO, Loudon stated, "changed the face of the Democratic Party incredible. “In 1994, only 25 percent of democrats were identified as liberal; by 2018, this figure had more than doubled to 51 percent – for the first time in history, according to Gallup. What is more, this year's study found that 77 percent of democracies believe America would be "better" beneath socialism

At this time, West says People study one other variety of fiasco: "cells within the US government who have tried to overturn the 2016 elections and to destroy Donald Trump's chairmanship. ”In addition, he claimed that" the "red thread" of the Marxist influence connects these two fiascoes to a steady disaster, "as in his latest work," the Pink Thread: the search for an ideological guide inside the search conference. ”

Killing Fields?

Just before his dying, Cambodian Communist despot Pol Pot, who oversaw up to a quarter of his country's demolished population – together with eyewitnesses – advised The New York Occasions: & # 39; I came to battle, to not kill individuals. Even now, and you may take a look at me: I am a violent individual? & # 39; & # 39;

Pol Pot got here to battle.

Sanders believes in robust democracy.

The problem of both socialism and communism is their philosophical basis, now surrounded by virtually 100 million bodies: it enhances God with the state.

Begin there and prepare for lethal fields.

We must not permit the euphem to suppress us to sleep.

Christopher C. Hull holds a PhD in Georgetown University. He is the director of Situation Management Inc., the director of the Gatestone Institute, chief of American intelligence reform, and writer of "Grassroots Rules" (Stanford, 2007).

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