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Leaving Phoenix in the Bay Area? Some tips from former residents

Leaving Phoenix in the Bay Area? Some tips from former residents

This week, my colleague Louis Hansen wrote about the efforts of some Phoenix individuals to draw, appeal to, and maybe even appeal to unreliable and weak Bay Area residents to dumping high-end property in the area and crushing the soul for a brand new life in the state of Grand Canyon

with a shrink-wrapped SUVs and a barely snarky Twitter account that draws annoyed Bay Area residents and businesses from Silicon Valley, ”Hansen writes.

In case you are significantly considering shifting from the bay space to Arizona, advice for some who’ve gone before you:

1. The Metropolis-Knowledge Reader Discussion board, Illinois Social Networking and Info Website, which presents info and knowledge on US cities:

When the reader has asked for advice on shifting to Chandler – saying: we expect we will deal with it. We are slightly nervous about the Chorpler scorpion problem, "as readers replied:

" Obadno "

" Drink tons of individuals you come right here. If you’d like one thing harking back to Cali, ensure you go to downtown Phoenix or the East Valley. Phoenix is ​​principally like LA, but smaller and cheaper. Permit me to make clear, individuals who claim to have nothing to do, often to maneuver from school or city life to buying a pleasant massive home or house in Gilbert or a few of these suburbs. It's shifting to San Jose and asking the place San Francisco's tradition is. In recent times, downtown and Phoenix has develop into as filled with bars, eating places and tradition, however with fewer parties and more yuppies. Probably the most vital difference is distance and density. Individuals at Dallas or LA don't like it because it's just like cities, but you could notice it as a Bay Space individual. ”

“ More Rock ”

” I moved from San Francisco to Chandler in 2003. You expertise a cultural shock and a climate shock, however you modify in case you work. Think about what my mom says, “I can reside anyplace. It all is determined by the folks that I have for my good friend. ""


"I was born in the bay area … What I did when I was in the Phoenix metro studied twice: the first time was I think really liked what I saw. The second time was hunting for an apartment. I got a job very close to the area where I chose to live. (I did it backwards). Heat… yes heat is different. Although I am still new to the area, the heat can be a problem for some. If you are coming from a coastal city like SF, Pacifica or Daly City, the Lord is gracious. It's a DRASTIC change for you. If you are coming from a remote city of East Bay, such as Concord, Brentwood or Pittsburgh, the heat would not be (that) a steep change. NEVER COLD NIGHT. I was about 10 in time and my phone said it was 105 degrees and felt like it. This is the only thing in California that I won't lose. "

from" roadwarrior101 "

(He presently lives in East Bay, but went to the University of Arizona College, Tempe)

is aware of the differences between regions:

  • " Local weather – I don't assume it's correct to say it There’s a large distinction between East Bay and Phoenix from abroad, definitely we might have a random peak at temperatures of 105-110 out here a couple of occasions each summer time, nevertheless it solely takes a number of days and then you might have many days when it is in the 80s throughout the day and day. cools to the high 50's / low 60's. There's nothing in Phoenix, you will have 110-115 temps days / weeks to finish and it stays scorching at night time, however I feel Phoenix's winters are a lot nicer because there’s much less rain and sometimes tips in the 70's / 80's. I agree that when it tremendous dry, it bearable. I keep in mind when it was a low 100-chapters, it appeared m I feel pretty snug (because there’s an A / C inside). But 110+ is sort of scorching, regardless of the way you take a look at it.
  • “Similarity to CA – I say it feels rather more than SoCal vs. Bay Area. Perhaps Sacramento. Its fairly checkered and unfold out in all instructions. There isn’t a such scope in the bay space, until you converse of Silicon Valley, however there’s a lot tradition there, much totally different.
  • “Culture – It's not as versatile as the bay area, but I don't assume it's accurate to say that there isn’t any variety in Phoenix. It’s there in case you are on the lookout for it.
  • “Kitchen – You don't have the similar degree of world-class eating places (there are a couple of, however not almost a scale). Nevertheless, each day I think that you will notice quite a bit. Once I was there (15 years ago), I discovered that it was mainly chains after which top quality steakhouses. Since then, the eating places of the premises have spread. Until you’ve gotten compared it with SF (which I not often go to with young youngsters), it's not that a lot of a difference.
  • “Politics – You would not have the liberal environment of the bleeding heart you get in SF / Oakland / Berkeley. But additionally it is not a Bible-type conservatism that you simply find in the deep south. When you examine Bay again, there’s not a lot difference
  • “Visitors – Assume a lot better in Phoenix. Be sure to get sluggish downs, however usually the peak time won’t last as long as right here and on enterprise journeys is far shorter so long as it is extra reasonably priced to stay nearer to working. "

2. Twitter

I might lease a four + bed room HOUSE in Phoenix for $ 1500. It might get you into a cushty room at Bay Area

– m (@masennnnn) Might 22, 2019

The newest signal of Bay Space economics is unsustainable: tech expertise shifting from Phoenix – southwest – to

– John Pletz (@johnpletz ) June 4, 2019

I once acquired mathematics that it is more advantageous to buy a summer time cottage in Seattle and winter house in Phoenix and move forwards and backwards every six months than buying an analogous house in a bay area

– Ran Halprin (@RanHalprin) April 15, 2019 [19659024] It’s loopy to me that the world thinks of a bay space as a rich place (and is), however it in all probability has some of the worst investments in local infrastructure.

Go to places like Phoenix Arizona.

– David Pat (@Patfactorx) March 26, 2019

Championship drought in cities with all 4 major sports:

Boston: three mths
Washington: 7 meters
Bay Space: 7 mth
Philadelphia: 1 yr
Chicago: 2 Years
Denver: three Years
Los Angeles: 4.5 Years
Miami: 5.5 Years
New York: 7 Years
] Dallas: 7.5 Years
Detroit: 10.5 Years
Phoenix: 17 Years
Minneapolis: 27 Years

– Matt Smith (@MattSmithCFB) January 23, 2019

Greatest Strikes to Phoenix From SF Bay?

– Trudy Rushforth (@trudyrushforth) Might 1, 2014

All paperwork has been achieved. We'll transfer from the SF Bay area to Phoenix in a number of weeks. There is a neighborhood…

– Dave Balmer (@balmer) August 14, 2011

3. Reddit


“Hey! I live in the Phoenix area (SE valley) and I can recommend it if you can withstand a few months of heat. The cost of living is considerably lower than in SF, the cost of living is slightly below the national average. You can easily find a dog friendly house to rent for around $ 900 – $ 1200 / mo, and you can put the difference to rent a savings account with a prepayment mortgage (or whatever else you want to save). We have a very vibrant housing market – the Phoenix subway area is constantly growing, and the housing market has been historically very healthy in 2008. Real estate taxes are relatively small, which is a huge bonus if you are interested in buying. Utilities cost less per unit even if you use more electricity in the summer because of increased heat. All in all, you can save a lot of money here. If you only look at 2 years of age, buying may not be a wise option – renting is generally recommended in the short term. But if you were interested in buying a house and renting it when you moved home, it might be worth doing. You would like to find approximate rental and purchase prices for the items you are interested in and use for numbers. ”

“ About Syncism ”

” Phoenix is ​​fairly protected for an enormous city. As long as you don’t go to sure areas late at night time, you need to be superb. Don't pay attention to films. You have to be high-quality to be in Phoenix, Asia. You could encounter little discrimination in the wealthiest areas, however general individuals are snug, so that you just don't care about it. How a lot cash it’s essential to reside right here relies upon solely on what it’s essential be snug with and the place you need to stay. You mentioned Scottsdale, so a 1 bed room condominium costs about $ 1200 – $ 1500 relying on the space and facilities. Conversely, the value of dwelling increases by a mean of 6-Eight% annually, so it’s essential to also take this under consideration. The one profit that’s pretty expensive is the use of electricity in the summer time since you need a continuing / C. I paid a mean of $ 110 a month in the summer time and I reside in a small small studio. Taking a automotive is very advisable if you wish to go to right here. Automotive insurance coverage can also be great here for therefore many accidents, so take a look at it.

”Water will only be a problem if our brokers fail. There’s an underground reservoir in Arizona, we now have rivers, and we’ve two lakes with California and Nevada. Most of the water used far goes to agriculture. In the worst case state of affairs, Arizona is not used for crop cultivation and damages local farmers. I don't assume it might ever come to that time, but we now have numerous contingency plans. I feel the warmth mixed with carbon dioxide emissions is a long-term drawback with Phoenix's life earlier than the water comes in, contemplating how many people are shifting here. Air quality can get actually dangerous throughout the summer time

“Illegal immigration and homelessness is a matter that warms up right here. Obviously, ICE is dumping tons of people in search of asylum at random bus stops in Phoenix as a result of they haven’t any different place. Final yr, officers have been also asked to transfer youngsters to buildings in the center of the day at the border. Just a really shady shit. The angle of the brown individuals is then very complicated. Joe Arpaion occasions it was shady, however I’ve personally seen and acquired a few of the suffering of the enemy. I’ve been referred to as to racial discrimination, which I feel are rising words for the latin, and I’m not even a latino. Do not get me flawed, most people here do not give – what shade you’re, however if you speak with individuals, interacting with different latin elements, with whom I have worked, and only see their very own silmälläni how others are treated, it’s

"Phoenix is ​​the best in town that lives on the west coast for opportunities, economy and affordability. I dare anyone challenge me for this statement. Phoenix is ​​rising so much in industry by moving to the city and making so much investment. As long as you keep up with the cost of living, you can definitely succeed here. "