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Meet 20 top contestants to win the UK's hottest father's race and the 1000 € prize – The Sun

We're hunting to find Britain's hottest father - could it be someone you know?

Would one among these Sun readers be topped as the hottest father in Britain?

We’re pleased with the labeling of proud mothers, associates, wives and girlfriends – and the competitors is tough!

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We're searching to discover the hottest father in Britain – might it’s someone you realize?

Right here we have now rounded out 20 top contestants who have the probability to win a £ 1000 prize and a glam photograph.


James Johnston, 31, is a Glasgow & # 39; s gross sales supervisor with a companion named Christina Midgley, 29.

She is the father of Lila Rose, two, and the family hopes to spend money on her first trip abroad collectively.

Christina says: “James has all the time been very supportive and understanding with my endometriosis and we didn't know if we might have youngsters due to it.

“Once we had a child Lila, she was her greatest father.

“The lilac is in the hospital twice a yr because of respiration difficulties and she has stayed together with her in the hospital, day and night time, and is all the time on the lookout for her to be sure she is match and put her first. "

<img class =" wp-image-9245675 size-thesun-article-image "alt =" James Johnston, 31, Sales Supervisor at Glasgow [19659012] Delivered

James Johnston, 31, is Sales Supervisor at Glasgow [1 9659014] ] Flanque Da Silva, 31, is a health care assistant from London, he’s a health care assistant, and was appointed by groom Michele Williams, 36.

He’s the father of Henrique Da Silva, six, and Eleno Da Silva, four, and the couple hope to spend cash lastly get married next yr

Michele says: "Flanque had a tough childhood that grew in Brazil. His father died at the age of 11, and his mom had to move to Portugal, where Flanque's 15-year-previous sister cared for her.

" He came to London 10 years in the past once we met, she does every little thing she will to ensure that she didn't have every thing she had when she grew up.

”He is a tremendous father however he takes care of the elderly and the sick He takes care of his shoppers as they’re his family. He's simply caring, funny, loyal.

  Flanque Da Silva, 31, is London Health Care Assistant


Flanque Da Silva, 31, is London Well being Care Assistant

Joseph Scutchey, 36, is CEO of Maidstone and his spouse Alice Scutchey has appointed 29.

He’s the father of Luca, three and Milo, one and is a sensible father who makes choosing and dropping video games for the kindergarten as Alice works for a long time in London.

Alice says: “He’s the most superb husband and real sensible father to our sons.

“Charming, witty, affected person and train them morals and morals (very uncommon nowadays!)

” He lost his father solely a few years before our first son was born and I solely know he can be so proud if he might see him now. ”

  Joseph Scutchey, 36, is Managing Director of Maidstone


Joseph Scutchey, 36, is CEO of Maidstone

J Ack Sawyer, 25, is Gross sales Manager at Dorset member of the family Sophia, 28.

She is the father of Mason Sawyer, five.

Sophia says, “Jack has a very huge heart and life for his son and household.

”Mason had lately been in a automotive accident and Jack leaves the website in a hospital and boldly put his son in intensive care.”

  Jack Sawyer, 25, Sales Manager at Dorset


Jack Sawyer, 25, is Sales Manager Dorset

Joe Lawler, 29, is a police police officer from London and spouse of Rose Lawler, 35.

She is Isabelle's father, 10 months.

He says: “Joe is considered one of the best individuals you meet, he goes out of the approach for everybody, no matter who they’re and makes him distinctive and loving.

”His weapons as armed officers imply he is all the time in peril first and each day he leaves work, my heart sinks a bit, figuring out the danger he takes. He is brave and needs to face and struggle horror, but he all the time has time for us.

  Joe Lawler, 29, from London


Joe Lawler, 29, is a police officer from London

Salem Okpokparoro, 31, studies at PHD at Aberdeen College and was appointed by companion Marie Alexander.

She is a father to Jayden, 10 and Zion, three, and if they win, they want to spend cash on taking their boys to Nigeria to meet their family for the first time.

Marie Alexander says: “He has been the oldest son in his life when he was six, and we have now a boy collectively that is three

” He works so exhausting for every week that he can spend time at his household on weekends with.

“We are so proud of all our hard work for our better life and ours. ”

  Salem Okpokparoro, 31, studying PHD at Aberdeen University


Salem Okpokparoro, 31, learning PHD at Aberdeen University

John Goodwinsmart, 32, is a soldier in Salisbury and appointed a pal by Emmalee, 25

He is the father of Theo, seven and Rosa, 5.

Emmalee says: “John is one father who works full time and takes care of his youngsters.

“He’s hardworking and would help anyone. He never quits that he’s 100 % considered one of the greatest fathers I know.

"John has long been in the army and has been abroad for this country in battle and is an amazing person." [19659057JohnGoodwinsmart32onsotilasSalisburysta"src="https://wwwthesuncouk/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/NINTCHDBPICT000496025131-e1560266601100jpg?Strip=all&w=933&quality=100"width="933"height="960"/>

John Goodwinsmart, 32, is a soldier in Salisbury

Dean Harrison , 35, is a brick layer from Wolverhampton and named Stacey, 32.

He is the father of Dustin, seven, and Dawson, 5, and needs to use his building expertise to assist associates and family free of charge. He also manages marathons each month, typically raising cash for charity

Stacey says, "Dean lost both mother and father before 30 years, when he all the time takes time for household and buddies up to seven days every week.

" great husband, father and pal and we’re very si

  Dean Harrison, 35, is a brick layer from Wolverhampton


Dean Harrison, 35, is a brick layer from Wolverhampton [19659014John-PaulKelly34onEdinburghCentreCentreChannelheartVikkiSoloman37

to the four and the steps to Viki's son, Judah, seven. 19659002] Vikki says: "He was taken by his personal son Judah (once I've met me), when my son's father died when he was a baby.

”John-Paul spends a lot time with all the youngsters as they are in his world. He has assured me that if we win, we’ll spend money to reserve the wedding ceremony after we’re accustomed to Christmas. ”

  John-Paul Kelly, 34, is the Edinburgh Building Center


John-Paul Kelly, 34, is the focus of development in Edinburgh

Richard Mills, 39, is Mansfield's Financial Supervisor and appointed Groom Heather Guzdzin, 33.

She is the father of her daughter Hattie Might, one, and the couple would really like to put their cash on a household honeymoon in Florida after the December wedding ceremony.

Heather says: “Richard was beforehand a semi-professional soccer referee, but now he is going to assist youthful youngsters.

“He has lately gained the Nottinghamshire Decide's Yr.

“When I was taken to hospital with Strep B two days after Hattie was born, Richard took care of me and our newborn's amazingly frightening time.”

  Richard Mills, 39, is Mansfield's Financial Manager


Richard Mills, 39, is Mansfield's Monetary Manager

Stevie Wilcock, 26, is Lancashire's thermal insulation engineer and girlfriend Emma, ​​26.

He will quickly be the father of a baby woman in the coming weeks.

Emma says, “We have now been together after faculty, and the day has not gone the place he has not made me giggle. He's the funniest guy you'll ever meet.

”Not only this however very caring, he takes care of my 87-year-previous mother and father day by day, all the time making sure he has the right things, cooking and typically

” He all the time provides money to people who find themselves much less glad than homeless and charities, and he would do something to anybody. She will look arduous outdoors, however she's an enormous softie inside!

  Stevie Wilcock, 26, is a Lancashire Thermal Insulation Engineer


Stevie Wilcock, 26, is a thermal insulation engineer at Lancashire

Kristen Glenn, 38, is Sunderland's gross sales manager, and was appointed by Fiona, 39.

He’s the father of Martha, 10, Issac, Eight and Step-daughter Alysha.

Fiona says: “Kristen has been via a jealous divorce and her development firm went into liquidation. "He suffers from depression and lost him almost a few years ago."

"He rebuilds his life and returns better and stronger than before."

”He all the time has a smile on his face and helps anybody regardless of how he feels inside.

  Kristen Glenn, 38, Sunderland Sales Manager


Kristen Glenn, 38, is Sunderland Gross sales Manager

James Salter, 36, is a self-employed Swansea painter and decorator appointed by wife Amy Salter , 34.

She is the father of Cameron 17, Gracie 13, Morgan 12, daughter Ava, seven and son Leo, seven, and in the event that they win money for a honeymoon they never acquired.

Amy says, “He all the time places us first, we’re his world. She suffers from fairly critical nervousness and melancholy, however she works so exhausting daily that it gives us.

”He volunteered in our local boxing membership (Morgan additionally goes there) to assist the youngsters and he is at present training an accredited coach

“ He's constantly on the move doing everything to everyone else, and some kids told him they wanted to be their father. ”

  James Salter, 36, is an independent artist and interior designer from Swansea


James Salter, 36, is an unbiased painter and decorator from Swansea

Richard Deak, 40, is a security workplace in Birmingham and Dubai. spouse Emma, ​​33.

She is the father of Luis, 16 and Daisy, two, and if Richard have been to win, the family hopes to take their first trip together in two years.

Emma says: “She is presently working in Iraq and lives in the greatest circumstances and hates

“ He does this so that we can live comfortably and give our children what we can. ”

” He leaves us so much, but sacrifices each day! ”

  Richard Deakin, 40, is a security office in Birmingham and Dubai


Richard Deak, 40, is a Birmingham and Dubai security

Ben Chalk, 20, is a employee Staffordshire and associate Charlotte Allan -Smith, 20.

He’s the father of Elias Chalk, 14 months, and turned the father's figure of his little sister when he was 15 years previous and was 10 years previous after his mother and father cut up.

Emma says: "Ben is a tremendous father and companion, he has struggled with sorrowful teens when his father all of the sudden went.

”Ben was profoundly miserable and sent him to a downward spiral the place he couldn't think about faculty.

”Because Elias was born, Ben has modified imself. No one understands how troublesome it has been that Ben has overcome his drawback and take a look at life with a constructive end result.

  Ben Chalk, 20, Worker at Staffordshire


Ben Chalk, 20, Worker at Staffordshire

Tony Lock, 29, is Kent's Flooring Flooring, and companion Sophie Lock named it, 31

He’s the father of Aaron, eight and Frankie, three.

Sophie stated. : "Tony is the most honest father whom every child could hope for and go over and make sure his children are happy."

”He helped me overcome postpartum melancholy twice and with one hand to deal with both of our youngsters once I couldn't get to the hospital. He actually deserves this!

  Tony Lock, 29, is Kent's Floor


Tony Lock, 29, is Kent's Flooring

Alan Learmonth, 44, is a Process Technician at Boness and appointed Nadine Lowrey, 43. [19659007] He’s the father of Harrison Learmonth, seven, step-son Emerick Falconi, 15 and father of chapter Nadine for youngsters Aidan, Nine and Jenna, 11. In the event that they win They hope to take their youngsters to a family vacation in Florida.

Nadine stated: “My son was born with a proximal fetal femoral disorder and spends most of his time in a wheelchair, and Alan has come to our lives and treats him like another baby, to get him to attempt new issues and take stress away from our every day lives.

”My baby loves her and she brings out the better of us all and pushes the youngsters to do extra and make things so fun.

  Alan Learmonth, 44, is a Process Technician at Boness

Alan Learmonth, 44, is a Process Technician at Boness

Shaun Mullen, 31, is Devon's help individual named Groom Katie Dawson, 32.

She is Dad for Scarlett that is 4 months previous. She is keen about animals (she even has pet chihuahua) and loves to do boxing in her spare time.

He says, "He has served in the British army and made two trips to our country in Afghanistan.


"Our daughter's birth is her life and she couldn't be a better father."

<img class = "wp -image-9245669 size-thesun-article-image "alt =" Shaun Mullen, 31, is a Devon employee [19659141] Shipped

Shaun Mullen, 31, is a Devon Help Individual

Ray Sullivan, 46, is a real estate investor in Essex and wife Natasha named 32.

She is Father Mia, 11 and Ava, Three If they win the money, they want to donate money to The Youngsters's Belief's charity in Tadwort, who made an astonishing concern for Jay's son who had brain sickness and died

Natasha says, "I've by no means met anyone who works as exhausting as Ray.

" Ray has been a lot. Ray's son Jay died in 2014 at the age of 20, and this was the hardest factor I’ve ever Ray had admired her son.

”Jay will all the time be part of our lives and we’ll maintain his life alive by means of the women who love to speak to his huge brother.

Ray has the largest coronary heart, he goes out of the means to assist his family and pals in every approach. This man exhibits power as an inspiration every single day.

  Ray Sullivan, 46, is a real estate investor in Essex


Ray Sullivan, 46, is a real property investor in Essex

David Yates, 36, is a senior analyst at Funding Manager Glasgow and his spouse Leasa Yates appointed 33.

He’s the father of Noah, eight and Indie, two. When Little Noo began enjoying football for the native group, they have been brief for coaches, so David acquired up and educated and educated the coach so Noah might nonetheless play.

Leasa says: "David has launched a video for males's mental well being

" Now he receives emails and messages from many men who need support and have joined his story. "I'm so proud that he takes time for anybody who wants assist. Indie loves her like no other. They are the greatest associates.

  David Yates, 36, is Senior Analyst, Investment Manager at Glasgow


David Yates, 36, is Senior Analyst, Investment Manager at Glasgow

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