Raising the Marriott On Business experience through local culture

Raising the Marriott On Business experience through local culture

Traveling is a new normal for hospitality all over the place. Just ask Airbnb the place experience journey has grown by 500%, based mostly on its experience. However for householders who have already got local expertise, launching experiential sharing was a pure extension of its established brand. Traditional lodge chains and many years of franchisees find progressive ways to cope with rising tendencies however stay loyal to their brand

Take Renaissance Resorts, a division of Marriott International. For the first time in eight years, the brand introduces the creative visual id, which highlights the local neighborhoods surrounding every lodge. The transition includes a new advertising campaign referred to as 'Uncover This Means', a targeted story-telling strategy to design, with experiences from neighboring nations.

PSFK seized George Fleck, a worldwide brand advertising and management company, the Renaissance lodges study more about shopper perceptions and methods behind the new id and how it advanced into the altering expectations of enterprise travelers, one among the largest populations of their network:

PSFK: Inform us about how the Renaissance lodge brand got here and what sort of shopper necessities for travel and lodge experience it solutions.

George Fleck: “I was leading what we call our sweetheart brand (full-service brands with a very different brand) lifestyle tracking, including Westin, Lumberton, and Renaissance. We wanted to take a closer look at the location and programming of these last two, and we asked: “How do we activate the brand from the design perspective as well as our 2D visual marketing perspective and our

So over the past two years we have been trying to ensure that two brands that are both deeply anchored What we call the discovery segment is a separate and separate location that attracts tourists and there is no overlapping of how the guests experience these two brands.

With Renaissance, we are looking specifically for key consumer views – was there a core that would allow us to drive back consumer experiences. The Westin brand is based on a very simple view that traveling is stressful. We want to be a good partner in ensuring customer well-being on the road. I do not feel that we have had such a vision as we have defined for our Renaissance brand.

We looked at the whole Renaissance experience from these three perspectives. We have decided that when this brand is in this discovery segment, we can base it on a simple concept: When consumers travel, they want to feel they have been somewhere.

Secondly, they want to feel they had the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the neighborhood where they are. It is not just about finding the best Paris when you go there, but rather, whether you can bring these interesting, unexpected moments around Place Vendome or République. 19659010] Picture: Renaissance Hotel Paris. Courtesy Marriott

What are some interesting hidden jewels or experiences that define a particular neighborhood? That's what we wanted to focus on. We believe that destinations such as New York, Paris or Shanghai are places that are not only defined at the destination, but as the experiences of the neighboring countries define or form experiences.

Picture: Renaissance Hotel Harlem. Courtesy Marriott

When you're in Harlem, it's very different from New York than when you're in Chelsea or when you're in West Village. We wanted to capture the feeling of inspiration that the Renaissance can do. We wanted it to continue to be a brand that speaks primarily to business travelers, but also offers boutique hotels that have been booming because of their strength. service chain consistency and full service chain or branding experience

This is how we started. It led us to the road where we made the full MRI experience from a design perspective, and then from a programming perspective to a guest experience. ”

Airbnb also focuses on using the experience of local areas. Why do you assume that traveling shoppers are interested by this type of hospitality?

“Business travel has changed over the last decade. Previously, a business traveler might have wanted to come in and out of the destination, take care of the purpose of the trip, order a room service, and visit a nearby restaurant.

Today is a much longer longing for a local experience; Almost like an adventure. Although consumers only have an hour at a time, they most likely want to take advantage of it and get a unique encounter. This also applies to business travelers.

We think that if you do not have time to leave the hotel, then the institution itself, from the point of view of design and the services it provides, will still provide you with a local experience. interesting local micro-grills, local cocktail recipes, interesting dining services that speak to the destination.

Our guests want to walk away from a story that is worth telling. Whether it's their social feeds, whether it be with friends or family or with colleagues, they want something they can take away and show off from this experience.

Business travelers today want to enrich their lives in addition to purpose. We want to offer them something other than the basics. This idea was about the renovation of the Renaissance objects at Los Angeles Airport and Gateway.

These hotels separated themselves from a design perspective from many other hotel deals on this market, as they are typically very standard. We use sensory experiences such as sounds, music and service that are fed with local tastes.

Customers can walk away by thinking: "Yeah, I had to stay at the airport, but it was nothing but me" We have really tried to push these experiences.

We are not trying to compete with Airbnb but rather to raise the hotel experience, which has become quite useful in the anticipated facilities such as congress hotels or airports. Luxury and boutique hotels can capture it well, but I haven't seen a lot of hotels on a four-star, full-service scale that does so on a scale where the Renaissance comes. ”

Picture: Renaissance Lodge in Philadelphia. Courtesy Marriott

Might you clarify how the Renaissance contacts in the local culture are

? One among them is the Navigator program, which was carried out greater than six years ago and connects our visitors with a local skilled – a type of highlighted concierge, somebody who is nicely related to the neighborhood.

such a concierge observe, but in addition how we will present the similar service through social media and different digital content and advertising campaigns

The second pillar we checked out was in the evenings. Business vacationers often have the opportunity to go to the neighborhood after working hours. Many cities come to stay at night time, so we invested in serving to enterprise vacationers take pleasure in this sort of experience, the night time market, and naturally restaurant experiences in artwork and galleries which might be open late.

The third facet is to combine the lodge into the local culture. That is completed through partnerships between group and local businesses, akin to bringing cutlery to clients or bringing fascinating visionaries to discuss their enterprise or artwork, or to usher in local artists.

Courtesy Marriott

These three perspectives give our clients the opportunity to return to Shanghai, but they nonetheless have a singular experience they will speak about. ”

I want to hear a few international discovery day. Isn't this yr's event totally different from earlier years? What are you able to anticipate from it?

”This yr is basically particular, as a result of after two years we’ll create a very separate, refined positioning for the model. In a world with 30 manufacturers in our product range and far more outdoors, shopping for a product is a key part of your separation in your personal angle.

Once you go to the Renaissance Midtown here in New York, it is in the garment area, and there are a number of visual ideas that speak about its origin. Every thing in this new, refined design basis will really start positioning and programming our lives.

We launched a worldwide day and introduced a new program platform referred to as This Approach Partnerships. Through these partnerships, we offered the lodges with a second framework to discover a companion on the local market that would add to this place's experience for visitors.

For instance, in Hamburg, the location decided to cooperate with artist TASCHEN. Through this partnership and even the accompanying coffee tables and magazines, they help friends get to know Hamburg's art and culture scene.

In places like the Renaissance Allentown, they collaborate with the Allentown Artwork Museum and Miller Symphony Corridor to reveal how the museum and the symphony have performed a central position in the city's rebirth.

Our aim is for every lodge to have these fascinating partnerships, which they will then supply to their friends, even if they solely have one hour to make one thing curated for them.

With this program we had to communicate in a different way from brand to advertising. We've worked with our advertising company on a new idea, saying: "How do we talk more openly about the benefits of searching or unexpected search in our marketing channel, digital, and real estate communication?

We changed both of our advertising campaigns and the entire visual identity of our property. All of these elements are being deployed on the 8th World Discovery Day, which is why it is such a milestone. It debuted in New York, Paris, Dubai and Bangkok. Then our 160+ hotels around the world activate the same speech points, the same activations and experiences on a local scale.

Courtesy Marriott

Discover This Way is designed to highlight how hotels offer unique experiences for playful and fun. It's a story about the story and you can get lost in the heart of the neighborhood, and that's something that is quite desirable. ”

Picturd: Biz Markie Discover This Way. Courtesy Marriott

As Discover This Way continues to expand throughout the world, it is also growing in New York especially with keys in Chelsea in autumn 2019 and Flushing and Harlem in 2020.

This new vision for Renaissance Hotels is a clear change in hospitality expectations. The goal is to work with the Marriott in response to the need for a modern traveler to experience consumption. In addition, its purpose is to fill an empty space that the body found that its Business Travelers still appreciate its nuclear sign, but increasingly want to take advantage of their professional trips, taking the opportunity to explore and create shared memories.

A complete selection of performances and events planned on the World Discovery Day and all year round at Renaissance Hotels, click here


Lead Image: courtesy Marriott

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