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Review: Paula's Choice 1% Clinical Retinol Treatment

Paula optional clinical retinol

I have plenty of questions on retinol, which frequently throws me a loop. In contrast to many bloggers or skin care lovers who’re leaping the bandwagon and ravaging it, I struggled with retinol – one thing that I share one other day.

But just lately there has been a lot speak about retinol and vitamin A that I had to drop my toes within the pool

One of many brands which might be highly revered in this skin care phase is Paula's Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment. I bought the bottle in the future and decided to make use of some time to seek out out.

A month to use the product I might have sighed, divorced laughed and shrunk it into one other product on the shelf. Almost Three months later I feel I perceive why it’s so widespread.

Why Use Retinol?

I don't know I'm an skilled in this subject, so I can't reply your questions on retinol. As an alternative, I'll ship you to Dr. Sam Bunting, a well-liked UK dermatologist.

Dr. Sam has produced a collection of highly informative and easy-to-understand videos of retinoids and retinol, including why, what and the way, so I recommend that you simply take a look at it for extra info.

I can say that on the idea of understanding this very technical area, I can say that retinol or retinoids are lively elements which were scientifically and clinically confirmed to stimulate and improve the collagen product within the skin, and to stimulate cell renewal quicker.

All in all, should you don't want all of the technical options, this is anticipated – brighter, clearer and smoother pores and skin. All the things individuals are in search of in an ageing product, or in the event that they feel they need to stop and slow down the getting older course of.

Paula Choice Clinic 1% Retinol Treatment – Alignment Strains and Wrinkles

  Choosing a Pale Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment Selecting Paula 1% Clinical Retinol Treatment – Previous Packaging

Please word that the packaging has been lately changed ), however they promise that the formulation will stay the same. Because this is right now, my photographs and observations mirror my experiences about it.

Paula's Choice Clinical Retinol serum does not include just one% retinol (which is sort of a excessive proportion), additionally it is formulated with peptides and vitamin C. Peptides assist enhance skin repair and collagen production, healthier, stronger skin. This additionally results in smoother pores and skin.

There’s additionally an entire range of skin-soothing elements that soothe the skin, soothe redness and help scale back the potential for retinol-induced irritation. Retinol, as chances are you’ll know, may be very irritating to the skin and may simply trigger redness or even skin.

Use warning when using retinol

Warning when using retinol, be it serums or creams.

Use it at night time.

Retinol may cause skin sensitivity to mild and UV rays, so solely use retinol at night time is beneficial. Consider something that corrects your pores and skin when you sleep, and isn’t too gung-ho and outsized.

The second observe is all the time to start out slowly.

Start your retinol serum once each two days for at the very least 2 weeks before shifting to shorter intervals in the event you really feel snug. Lastly, you possibly can all the time work for every day use, but all the time pay attention to your skin.

I started using Paula Choice Clinical Retinol once every different day. Then, once I thought that my pores and skin tolerated it properly, I went to make use of it day by day. Now I exploit it about 4-5 occasions every week depending on how I and the pores and skin feel.

My Expertise of Paula's Choice Clinical Retinol

Once I was learning Paula's Choice Clinical Retinol, I observed that it targets wrinkles and advantageous strains. I typically say that this isn’t my fundamental concern. I've been fortunate, I wouldn’t have so many nice strains and wrinkles than most aged ladies, and I am very grateful for that. Another factor to consider 😛

  Choosing a Pale Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment

Texture is a light-weight cream that absorbs easily and shortly into the skin and leaves no residue.

I measure the amount I exploit with Dr. Sam's finger method, which is the sum that corresponds to the finger tip length measured from the fingertip to the primary joint. He talks about it in his movies, and I recommend studying it.

Then, I reconsider my pores and skin, that is, Dr. Sam's 13 point-specific method, even distribution.

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I apply it to dry skin after cleaning and let it take a minute to absorb earlier than shifting to other skincare.

In the course of the first month I’ve to say that I haven't observed plenty of modifications in my skin. I feel I take a look at my face a lot, I don't notice small modifications.

However it’s now about Three months after I began utilizing Paula & # 39; s Choice retinol Clinical virtually daily, and I have to say that I’ve seen the distinction in the skin sävyssäni.

Disclaimer: I don’t specify 100% enhancements for this product. It’s a international strategy to products that I exploit and that I’ve used, the best way to use them, and the overall lifestyle and a change in mindset, which I feel is a greater approach to take a look at it. Retinol has helped. But I don't give it full credit. I additionally used Clinique A serum about Three weeks earlier than beginning this product.

An important thing I've observed, there isn’t a smoothing strains. It was that the pores and skin tone was much smoother, and the pigment appeared to be just a little lighter. My pores and skin appears much less reactive about warmth and solar, and it solely feels stronger.

I see the pigmentation of blanching, as a result of it’s my concealer and I’ve discovered myself to use fewer blankets now. I walk out of the home, which has only hidden concealer and foundation many occasions, especially once I'm in a hurry. The redness of the skin feels a lot smaller.

Word, nevertheless, that I exploit vitamin C sera religiously day by day, high SPF sunscreen, and focus closely on hydration. I consider that everybody is enjoying collectively to realize the current state of affairs.

Here is an example of what I’m making an attempt to elucidate.

  Skin Care Development Each footage have naked pores and skin with small lighting differences. 2016 Evaluate of the Chanel Les Beiges Liquid Foundation and Chanel Extremely Le Teint Basis Evaluation 2019

This isn’t Paula's Choice Clinical Retinol Strolling Campaign. It's just my indication that I’m happier in my pores and skin TODAY mode in comparison with Three years ago. Pleasure in my skin is given. Nevertheless it's a happier feeling I have.

As I stated, it is because of numerous products, an important elements and way of life.

Use retinol with different moisturizing products to scale back irritation

Because retinol is understood to dry and irritate the skin, I all the time make it possible for I comply with with products that soften and moisturize the skin.

In addition Moisture Sandwich, when retinol is absorbed my skin, I usually deposited on the bottom oil, and a moisturizing cream or cream. Those I now help are REN Omega-3 Face Cream and CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion.

Nevertheless, I’ve to say that I didn’t expertise irritation, dry pores and skin or flaking / peeling when utilizing the Paula Choice Clinical Retinol serum. My skin appears and feels the same.

However one thing has changed in probably the most delicate ways.

So I say this. Paula's Choice Clinical Retinol is a superb product. However it’s essential be consistent and above all affected person before you discover the outcomes. And the results might shock you. This isn’t a quick search.

This can be a turtle that goes, making sure you get there in the long run.


The choice of Paula in 1% of medical retinol remedy is a retinol serum that is formulated with loads of skin soothing agents to scale back irritation, in addition to peptides and vitamin C. absorbs very simply and shortly into the pores and skin. I just advocate using it at night time and starting slowly because retinol can irritate the pores and skin. All the time use a superb SPF50 sunscreen day by day to protect your pores and skin. I didn’t notice especially the lighting of the strains, though my skin feels somewhat softer. But probably the most vital difference I found was that the pores and skin tone was much smoother, much less prone to redness, and the pigment is slightly lightened. I observed this for Three months, in addition to figuring out this serum for other products, lively elements, and methods I exploit. It is a worldwide effort, and serum is just not a magic capsule. However with slightly endurance it produces outcomes.

light-weight lotion is definitely absorbed and shortly
Doesn’t irritate or dry the skin (based mostly on experience)
Steady and long lasting use, I observed smoother skin tone and barely lighter pigment
Pores and skin feels smoother [19659048] CONS:
A bit costly
Can irritate or dry the skin
Results take a moment

WHO WILL HERE: Anyone who needs a retinol serum with a high proportion of retinol however who is sort of mild on the pores and skin, who anyone who needs to cope with row and wrinkle problems

PRICE: RM295 | US $ 58 30ml

The place to Buy: Paula's Choice Website (Malaysia, USA)

This can be a record of elements for Paula's selection of 1% medical retinol remedy

Components: Water (Aqua), Dimeticone (Pores and skin) – gut), glycerin (skin supplement), butylene glycol (hydrating), isononyl isononanoate (emollient), castorostearate succinate (skin softening), glyceryl stearate (texture enhancer), C12-15 alkyl benzoate (emollient), dimethicone cross-polymer (texture enhancer), PEG-33 (stabilizer), polysorbate 20 (texture enhancer), behenyl alcohol (texture enhancer), PEG-100 stearate (texture enhancer), pentaerythrityl ethethostostearate (stabilizer), polymethylsileksicoxane (texture enhancer), tetrahxyldecyl azorbate (Vitamin C / antioxidant), retinol (pores and skin rejuvenation), ceramide NG (pores and skin complement), palmitoyltreptide-7 (pores and skin restoration), palmitoyl hexapeptide-12 (skin restoration), sodium hyaluronate (skin replenishment), dicalium Glycyrate (antioxidant plaev extract / pores and skin soothing), Glycyrrhiza Glabra root extract (licorice extract / antioxidant / pores and skin soothing), Avena Sativa core extract (oat extract / antioxidant / skin soothing) , Arctium Lappa root extract (burdock extract / antioxidant / pores and skin) soothing), Salix Alba peel extract (willow peel extract / antioxidant / pores and skin soothing), Glycine Soja Sterols (antioxidant / pores and skin softening), lecithin (pores and skin restoration), allantoin (soothing skin) , tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E / antioxidant), hydrolyzed soy protein (antioxidant / skin softening), sorbitan salad (texture enhancer), acetyl dipeptide-1 cetyl ester (soothing pores and skin), disodium EDTA (stabilizer), hydroxyethylcellulose (texture enhancer), palmitoyltripeptide-1 ( skin restoration), sodium hydroxide (pH regulator), tribehenin (emollient), cap ryyl glycol (pores and skin softening), ethylhexylglycerin (skin softening), pentyleneglycol (hydrating), PEG-75 Shea cream glycerides (emollient), PPG-12 / SMDI copolymer (stabilizer), PEG-10 phytosterol (fatty acid based mostly mom t), PEG-8-dimethicone (softening of the pores and skin), PEG-14 (texture enhancer), magnesium aluminum silicate (texture enhancer), arachidyl glucoside (texture enhancer), arachidyl alcohol (texture enhancer), Sclerotium yeast (texture enhancer), Carbomer (gel-based texture enhancer), phenoxyethanol (preservative), benzoic acid (preservative).

Have you ever tried the Paula & # 39; s Choice Retinol serum?

It takes some time however I obtained there! LOL! I am glad that I gave this a shot. I've by no means really had the hope that pigments might be dealt with with topical merchandise, but obviously I can nonetheless be stunned! 😀

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