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Sun's campaign of battle, which was appreciated by MEPs, charities and families for the most demanding children in the United Kingdom

Sun's campaign of battle, which was appreciated by MEPs, charities and families for the most demanding children in the United Kingdom


SCOPE, Children's Confidence and MP Christine Jardine are just some of those that have thanked Sun for their campaign

We urge the authorities to return £ 434 million in funding

   Vickey and his son Ollie are in charge of the campaign, and Vickey writes to the government an open letter that we ask you to mark


Vickey and his son Ollie lead the campaign, and Vickey writes to the government an open letter we ask you to signal. has risen to just about a million in the last 10 years – a 3rd

But the lack of help signifies that their primary care might look like an unimaginable challenge for their families. w

Together with the Disabled Children's Partnership (DCP), we ask the trustworthy readers' army to signal a letter calling on the Chancellor to make more help obtainable when a quantity of charities praise our efforts. [19659003"OnHienoaääSunontukeneleleactivativecampaign"MarkHodgkinsonvammaistentasa-valuecharityheadmaster

“All mother and father have aspirations, goals and aspirations and want the greatest for their children. The mother and father of disabled children aren’t totally different.

   This whole week is telling children who have been affected by a financial cut, such as Billie, who often says that she can't go to school because she doesn't have the staff to take care of her


who have suffered from a monetary minimize, akin to Billie, who typically says she will't go to high school as a result of she doesn't have the employees to take care of her. Credit score: Damien McFadden – The Sun

which is just not working correctly. Our research exhibits that 87% of mother and father have judged others, and 41% did not present emotional help

“Too typically they’re informed what their children can't do and how troublesome life is.

"We must ensure that disabled children and their family members receive the support they need from the government."

We've already informed the story of Ollie, a seven-year-old boy with a rare illness meaning he can cease respiration

   Vickey Kowal, whose son Ollie is a rare disease that makes him stop breathing, has written to the government open a letter calling for more funding for families with children with disabilities


Vickey Kowal, whose son Ollie is a uncommon illness that causes him to cease respiration, has written an open letter to the government asking for extra funding for families with disabilities

Why We Require The Authorities To Assist Families with Disabilities Children:

Disabled Children EurLex-2 en and their families desperately wrestle for lack of help

We would like the authorities to restore the £ 434 million funding it has minimize off from the early intervention service corresponding to arrest and very important la with the help of the Group.

It's Time

The number of disabled children in the UK has risen to just about a million in the final ten years – a third

. Nevertheless, funding and help have been minimize.

That's why we work with a partnership with disabled children to help them.

Collectively we will make real modifications and considerably enhance individuals's lives. disabled children and their families.

We would like you to share your story, e-mail us at

Please signal the Ollie letter to strain the government to behave now.

The household doesn’t obtain remedy as a result of of his needs

His mother, Vickey, has written to the authorities an open letter that we ask you to signal and has nice hopes for the campaign. 19659003] “I have had such positive feedback from my friends who have children with special needs,” he says.

"For my part, the Solar is considered the drawback brilliantly, and I'm so good that somebody has taken this drawback, the use of

Richard Kramer, charity Sense-director, who works with complicated individuals with disabilities, also supported the campaign and identified how critical funding scarcity is

"Services that should be a grant to families to keep their children safe, effortless, and capable of school, have suffered from financial cuts," he advised us. Tell us your story. The DCP said that disabled children are missing out on some £ 1.2 million a day in day by day assist.

“It's not a disabled individual's la This requires fairness.

Charity organizations, MPs and families help Solar's backward campaign

HERE they stated:

Dalton Leong, Chief of Children's Belief
"very grateful to Sun's readers, who are key to ensuring that government prioritizes disabled children families. "

Sheila Brown, OBE, Newlife CEO, Disabled Children's Charity

" Can See The Campaign Give it Back, Disabled Children Are Suffering From Avoidable Pain Because They Are Refused With Special Equipment And Support They Need desperate. voiced this campaign and talked to vulnerable children and for families who have lacked crucial care and support. "[19659003]

Mark Hodgkinson, Head of Scope

" It's great that the sun has supported this very important campaign.

“All mother and father have wishes, goals and hopes, and they need the greatest for their children. The mother and father of children with disabilities do not differ. "

Colin Dyer, Managing Director of WellChild
" Many families with children with disabilities are in a determined state of affairs and can’t afford to take out the primary service from them.

"The support of the sun and its readers' army helps us fight for fair trade for these families."

MP Christine Jardine
"Over half of parents with disabilities suffer from depression, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts because of lack of support. , Ollie-the mother of
"I’ve had such constructive feedback from my associates who have special wants children."

"In my opinion, Sun has addressed this issue brilliantly, and I'm so good that someone has taken this issue up and reported on it correctly . "

Christine Jardine, a Member of the Scottish Liberal Democrat, He backed it again, saying that the authorities attaches importance to lack of funding

" More than half of the parents of disabled children suffer from depression, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts because of lack of support, "he added.

All through this week, we share tales about families scuffling with even the most primary fundraising cuts. though he’s too ailing in faculty, he has been denied a house instructor ” class=”lazyload” src=”” data-credit=”Damien McFadden – The Sun” data- data-img=”″” viewBox=”0 zero 0.7 1″%3E%3C/svg%3E”/>


Harry has autism and continual fatigue syndrome however regardless that he is too sick to go to high school, he has been denied a home teacherCredit: Damien McFadden – The Sun

13 yr previous is so apprehensive about it, succeeds What she's gonna get any melancholy, and her mother Tracy hopes Giv It reveals the state of affairs she and many others face.

"This campaign can change the lives of nearly one million disabled families," he stated.

“Thanks so much for the sun

It's a sense that Dr. Hilary Cross, OBE agrees with.

He’s the chairman of the British Childhood Disability Academy (BACD) and believes that Solar's backward campaign is one of the families that Harry and Ollie have been waiting for.

"Every professional working in the field of childhood disability is grateful to Sun when he launched the campaign" Give it back ", he says.

Charities, MPs and Families Help The Solar's Give It Back Campaign

HERE they stated:

Richard Kramer, Director Common of Sense

"This lack of support puts great pressure on disabled children and their families."

“We have to get the authorities urgently to cope with this difficulty, or it is a persevering with unfavorable interval for disabled children. "

Jane Harris, Overseas Affairs Director of National Autistic Society

" We want as many people as possible to sign an open letter asking the government to give back to millions of people who have been cut off from support for handicapped children. double cloth. "

Dr. Hilary Cass OBE, Chairman of the BACD

" Every skill working in the field of childhood disability is grateful to Sun when it launches the Campaign. "

Naseem Waker, Mom of Leila seven

"Give it back to the campaign to show the harsh reality of a very complex situation. I am glad that the paper is the sun's power."

Dan White, a author and broadcaster, Emily's father, 12

" It's 2019, and our group's mother and father and children are like ghosts to society. We reside amongst you, breathe air, take a look at the similar stars, however you don't know us.

"Today you must finally get the land to know."

Tracy Williams, Mom of Harry [19659003] "This campaign can change the lives of nearly a million families with disabled children. Thank you so much for the sun that we bring our stories to light."

"Funding for cuts in childcare amenities for disabled children affects the primary health and improvement of children, to not mention the physiological influence on a wider family.

“The concern that oldsters like Vickey present day by day is invaluable – but they will solely care for their children safely at residence if the right care providers are in place and obtainable.

The campaign is instantly concerned in halting the future of the NHS by halting the families of disabled children up and right down to the country's crisis. ”


Contact Family Help and Advice, 0808 808 3555

Unbiased Special Needs Schooling Adviser (IPSEA) for Professional Recommendation

Newlife – a charitable group offering help to units

GOV.UK – understand your youngster's rights

National Autistic Group
youngSibs – good recommendation for brothers and sisters

Charity Give It Back campaign requires more funding for disabled children

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