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After a job supply for the nicely-being and retirement insurance unit, one mom Freya Macfarlane felt nothing however despair.

The unemployed Freya was determined to work, however realized that he had to surrender the position of advisor – because the department's own common credit guidelines mean he has an advance of £ 800 for a childcare invoice.

   Freya Macfarlane is afraid she can't afford DWP because Universal Credit doesn't pay for childcare in advance for Jago, 10 and Oscar, 8


Freya Macfarlane fears she will't afford DWP work because Universal Credit does not pay childcare in advance for boys Jago, 10 and Oscar, eight Credit: Chris Eades

On arrival days before his start date on the finish of July, he merely can't afford to take care of his babysitting for his two sons, Jago 10 and Oscar, 8.

"I have so many expertise at work and on the disposal of individuals and other people it still seems unattainable to work with my youngsters, Freya, who lives in Bexhill

" And I feel I am being punished for feeling that I am being punished From one mother. "

Beneath Universal Credit, when mother and father can declare up to 85 % of their childcare costs, that is often only out there afterwards – which suggests they should retrieve the cash in advance and claim it again.

”How do you get out? It's a lure, it's a lure, Freya, 35.

This is the first case the place DWP's Universal Credit policy failed with its own staff.

She has been out of labor when she had to surrender her job as a health care assistant on the NHS in 2015.

She desperately returned to work when she recovered from her psychological well being problems, and she or he applied for three jobs efficiently

Throughout this time she was pressured into Universal Credit and poverty after he had waited five weeks for his first full cost.

Freya shares her report as a part of Sun's Make Universal Credit Campaign. We’ve got asked the government to promote childcare costs in advance, 5 weeks to wait for the first cost for 2 weeks, and to scale back the narrowing rate of interest – which reduces the correct to profit as wages improve – from 63 points to 50 pp for every £ 1 earned

   Freya is forced into debt and has to go to the food banks and payday loans


Freya is pressured to indebted and had to go to meals banks and payday lenders. With Universal Credit

So, six months after our campaign, we traveled to East Sussex

We discovered that single mother and father have suffered notably onerous in a seaside city with a few of the lowest paid staff in the country. [19659021] SUN Says: It's Time to Work Amber

Individuals like Frey and Rebecca deserve so a lot better – than lots of of hundreds of working families across the UK fighting Universal Credit.

It is excessive time for Amber Rudd to take urgent action to end the suffering of Universal Credit

He has been Hastings and Rye's MP since 2010, served as Residence Secretary from July 2016 to April 2018 and became Secretary of Labor and Pensions last November.

Universal Credit is they don’t seem to be very labor-intensive families, and it happens in his constituency, his division and his nation

. A single mother, Rebecca, 31, Rye, says she has to price range for her final ten years.

His 15-month-previous daughter Freya's toys and clothes are all used, and she or he still has maternity garments

   The single mother Rebecca was hungry for Universal Credit and can't afford to work more because of her childcare costs


The single mother Rebecca was pressured to go hungry at Universal Credit and may't afford to work extra because of their childcare costs. Credit: Delivered

Although Rebecca has a job as a guest assistant on the lodge, her £ 400 monthly salary is just not sufficient to make the ending. He had been working full time but couldn’t reserve childcare in advance, so he needed to change jobs to scale back his hours and solely work 12 hours every week.


Six months ago, after launching the marketing campaign, we’ve shared your story to emphasize the struggling of the Universal. credit score.

via the marketing campaign, which we have now informed you:

"I do not assume I’ve the type of clothing that doesn’t have holes or stain, which is a terrible thing to say, however it is due to the truth that I’m all the time confident that my daughter is what she wants. ”

“ I really feel like I don't should reside my life like that. “

Universal Credit covers his £ 536,90 lease and he exceeds the remainder of the wages and youngster help. However when he shared his associate last summer time, he needed to trust his mother and father to help too.

”I rely heavily on my mother and father. If they’ve skilled a meal or one thing and if they have the remainder, they may reserve it for me, he says.

"It's the only way I have managed to survive." [19659041] Are you in the universal service? Inform us your story. E mail: and be a part of the Universal Credit Fb Group.


"It feels like you hit a brick wall after a brick wall" Credit: Delivered

"I want to work so I wanted to go back," he says. "But since childcare was working, I just couldn't do it."
"Every avenue I go to try to improve my situation just hit a brick wall after a brick wall."

She is annoyed by the system she says "does not work."

& # 39; Amber Rudd has the power to repair this & # 39;

”It doesn't do what it ought to do. It does not help individuals return to work, it truly prevents individuals in a state of affairs the place they will work.

Like many ladies, Rebecca is trapped in a cycle of poverty underneath common credit score. She has even gone hungry to ensure she will feed her youngster.

Cease assembly, Rebecca visits buddies or family or walks to close by free occasions.

Rebecca needs MP, Amber Rudd, to do something – she has been Hastings and Rye's MP since 2010, served as Residence Secretary from July 2016 to April 2018 and became Minister of Labor and Pensions final November. He has the chance to repair it, he says. "Just ignoring the problem is negligence."

It appears that evidently Rudd, Minister of International Credit, provides his staff a free division, similar to Freya, and he also calculates his personal voters – and working families

Two million Britons already in the universal service have reported that many claimants are scuffling with food on the desk, and this feels enthusiastic in Hastings and Rye, the place

meals bank use is 113% because the benefit was launched in December 2016 and the native Hastings Food Financial institution now handles loads of tons of food every week – just two kilometers from Rudd's constituency.

What to do when you’ve got issues claiming Universal Credit

When you have hassle making use of for Universal Credit, or if your fees do not cowl costs, listed here are the options:

Request Prepayment – Candidates can get money as an alternative of n for five days wait every week for his or her first cost. However it is a loan, which signifies that repayments are routinely deducted from the longer term Universal Credit cost.

Various Cost Arrangements – In case you are leased, you or your landlord or your landlord might apply for an APA that may pay you directly to the owner. You might also have the ability to change your payments to get them more typically, or you’ll be able to share payments in case you are part of a couple.

Budgeting Advance – You could get help from the government in emergencies The household costs up to £ 348 in case you are one, £ 464 in case you are a part of a pair or £ 812 when you have youngsters. These are just the place the range breaks down or helps to get the job accomplished. You may be required to pay the prepayment by way of regular universal expenses. You still should repay the loan, even should you terminate your claim on Universal Credit.

Reduce off the Council Tax – You Might Get a Discount on Council Tax or You Have a Right to Discretionary Housing Charges

Foodbanks – In case you are really robust and struggling to buy food and toiletries, you’ll find an area food bank that will provide you with assist free. You'll discover the nearest Trussell Trust website

In February, Rudd admitted that UC late funds have been related to the acceleration of the meals financial institution. However final week he ripped off, telling MPs "there are many reasons why someone could use a food bank."

Though this may be true for some, Freya was a 5-week watch for her first UC cost, which led her to a meals financial institution – and a debt spiral she will't escape.

Originally of June, when he waited for the first UC cost, he needed to take 260 pounds of payday loans after automotive repairs left him for just £ 3.95 for the rest of the month.

”I had no selection. Which again causes me even more stress and extra debt because the interest in this stuff is crazy. But I’ve to do it because I don't need my youngsters to go: what can we eat tonight? “
He gets € 1,208 a month from Universal Credit and” they take round £ 139 a month for prepayment and overpayment of tax credit. “

He additionally pays back almost £ 50 to the Council's gearing and £ 65 to boost the lease. Heating his house with a pay as you go electric meter in winter costs 'virtually £ 240 a month simply because we hold us heat.'

"No way to live"

Peter pays Paul and continually chases him, and it's not a life-style, " says.

His state of affairs led him to hunt help for charity for nervousness and melancholy.

Hastings Meals Bank says it has seen a "significant rise" for those individuals who come to them, and an amazing improve in mental health, reminiscent of Freya.

“We had someone who had to take a day's holiday because they couldn't cook until the last payday,” says Natalie Williams of the Food Bank.

   Freya Macfarlane used food banks to feed herself and her children


Freya Macfarlane used food banks to feed herself and her childrenCredit: Chris Eades

When the solar was lacking and lifted Freyan's plight to DWP, the federal government has agreed to pay childcare costs in advance Universal Credit's properly-recognized versatile help fund. It is a discretionary back-to-work fund for UC recipients to use the Job Middle


Charlotte McDonough, UK Policy Adviser Save the Youngsters, says: "The Flexible Help Fund supplies useful help for folks in a new job

"When the first monthly bills have been paid, the mother and father nonetheless endure from monumental advance calculations in the second month of childcare – which they need to pay in their very own pockets earlier than waiting for the month reimbursement. When childcare costs develop yr by yr, many low-revenue households haven’t any money

. When many working mother and father need to pay for additional childcare, the federal government urgently wants a real answer to this drawback and offers help for childcare in advance so that oldsters wouldn’t have to carry the sky payments themselves. "19659026]" UC has stated it’s going to assist cover my childcare costs up to the first salary, "Freya says.

" But they have not explained how to get these funds ready for my start date on July 30. "

He feels indignant that he was not advised

"The Flexible Support Fund is apparently a discretionary fund," he says. "It's like a secret club – they could have chosen me to help me but not."

Sun needs to do basic credit work

UNIVERSAL Credit replaces six benefits with one monthly cost [19659002] One million individuals are already getting it, and by the point the system is absolutely deployed in 2023, it is going to value almost 7 million

first cost and will depart some households worse for hundreds of kilos

And even if work families can claim as much as 85 % l they have to seek out money to pay for childcare providers beforehand – we & # 39; I've heard that families are waiting as much as six months cash.

Staff throughout the country advised us that they haven't been capable of take extra hours – or have even lowered their paid jobs or extra hours because they have the benefits of chopping

It's time to do U niversal Credit works. We would like the government to:

  1. Pay quicker: The government should shorten the time Brits expects their first Universal Credit payments from week to week, stopping the debt of € 7 million.
  2. more about what you deserve: Help ought to be increased and narrower decreased from 63 to 50, helping a minimum of 4 million families.
  3. Don't Get Punished for the Family: Mother and father should get 85% of the cash they will cost for childcare in advance, moderately than paying them.

Together, these modifications assist to make universal service work.

Be a part of the Universal Credit Facebook Group or e mail your UniversalCredit @ to share your story.